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Wheel standing with a pillion and then

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. I took a friends friend for a ride last night and she kept egging me to go faster so we were in a 80 zone and i clicked down to 3rd and powered it up and rode it till red line. A freeky thing then happened. the bike is getting more and more unstable, and im thinking its the pillion moving around or something so i slow down and its still wobbling so i come to a stop and she's carrying on how she thought she would fall off and i hear a hissing. look around the bike then at rear tyre and it's half flat with a big ass screw in it. Had to ride sedately back then. just my luck eh

  2. yeh... the pillion chick always wants to go faster, but they tend not to be aware of the consequences if something goes wrong :?
  3. powering it up... there's your problem
  4. Maybe you should show her the vid of the guy lifting the front wheel at speed and his squid pillion girlfriend falling off. Followed by the pics of the girl who poses for the road rash "after" shots.
  5. I've had the same thing happen to me, except for the puncture.
    It was really windy and the cross wind almost blew the bike over :shock: my friend wasn't too happy but but it didn't stop her getting back on. She loves wheelies now :wink:
  6. I had a big sheep screw stuck in my tyre, but then again I'm in Tasmania.

    I've seen big pig screws as well.
  7. i held it at bp with ease despite her being there and blipped it just before touching down so no chance of her falling off.
  8. We don't need to hear about Tasmanians sex lives on this forum.
    :p :grin:
  9. I guess it depends on how much you like your pillion?

    I picked up a railroad spike riding off road some years ago, that makes a fairly big hole, more than the puncture repair kit was going to fix.
  10. Exactly.
    I know my BF would never deliberately put me in danger when I'm pillion with him.
  11. Funny video, that one! :LOL:
    Haven't seen the after shots though.....
    She was in a singlet, yeh?
  12. I know a few blokes who's lives have been changed forever by just one screw on the road.
  13. wow :shock:

    you know you shouldnt drive & screw could be damaging to your health... :shock:
  14. pregnant & married, mortgage, had to sell the bike?
  15. cheeky bugga! :wink:
  16. Two separate incidents. The road rash pictures was of a girl who was squiding at about 160kph as a pillion when somehow her visor opened and the drag ripped her off the back of the bike. Serious burns all over hor body with bad scarring. I imagine the girl in the video wouldn't have faired much better.
  17. Are you implying Deathwish deliberately put her in danger?
    That screw probably would have gone through his tyre anyway, and did you miss the bit where he said she was egging him on..
  18. You mean that you married that hitch hiker Dan? :LOL:
  19. I'm implying that just cause you have some bimbo on the back saying "go faster it turns me on" doesn't mean you SHOULD go faster & do wheelies.
  20. haha... a mate of mine picked up a hitch hiker on his bike... they were married a year later :shock: