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Wheel roller or race stand?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Al Bundy, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. In the next week i need to get a wheel roller (2 rollers which you put your rear wheel on to let it spin freely) or a race stand.
    Im not sure which one to get.
    The only thing at the moment i plan on using it for is too clean/oil the chain.

    Am i likely to use a race stand for anything else? what else would i need it for? only thing i can think of is changing a tyre and a shop would have to do that anyway.

    the wheel roller is $80 (i should probably get the welder out and make one)
    and the race stand is ~$170

    Also, can a race stand be used for any bike? when i upgrade will it fit?

    Thanks for any help.
    i do realise the answer really needs to come from me but im not sure if theres any maintenance im overlooking.
  2. A race stand will fit most bikes. Most race stands have either the lug pickups or just the simple L brackets for picking up the swing arm.

    I saw one of the small rear wheel rollers and am currently awaiting one from the supplier so I can review it.

    They arrive at the end of this month :grin:
  3. Dude, if you have a welder make one. I'm sure you have some good ideas for building one. Make it nice and wide, super stable.

    Just make the pick-ups adjustable so that if, or when, you upgrade the bike you can move them.
  4. You should be able to get a quality, Australian made, Anderson rear stand for less than $170 in Sydney. They come with 2 sets of pickups (forks and L shape).

    A stand beats a roller. The bike gets positioned level on a rear stand and is pretty stable whereas on the roller with a CBR you'll be using the sidestand still yeah?

    If you have to store the bike for a while without riding it, stands are good to have so you don't flat spot your tyres.

    You might eventually find yourself doing someother sort of work on the bike it comes in handy for, even when cleaning it's better having the bike level I think.
  5. I'm in the process of making a stand at the moment. Pretty easy really, give it a go.
  6. Race stand is better than the roller.
  7. I have a race stand for the rear, Wouldnt mind just a roller for the front. Vic let me know the outcome of your checks.. :grin:
  8. Stands are a lot better than a roller, both front and rear

    I used a roller a couple of times, it was awkward and the bike kept trying to slide off it
  9. For oiling the chain, put the bike on its sidestand, pull it up onto the sidestand (so rear wheel lifts off the ground) and put a jack stand or appropriately sized block of wood) under the swingarm, on the outer side. this should lift the wheel off the ground enough so you can oil the chain.

    Now that i've done a fair bit of maintenance on my bike (and been around professional mechanics working) I don't think a race stand is really all that useful for general maintenance. Certainly they're not useless, but you can do most things with the bike on its sidestand (or lifted on either the swingarm or header pipes, as described above). Probably better off spending that sort of money on decent tools (t-handle sockets, t-handle allan keys, ratcheting spanners etc).

  10. I can't get the zed on the racestand by myself, so i bought a scottoiler to do the chain :)

    now i have a stand I'm not really going to use.. :(
  11. Thanks for the replys and info guys,
    ill try lifting it up on its side stand and if i think im gonna knock it over ill head out and get a race stand.
    again thanks :)
  12. I have a roller stand, it works fine for me. When the bike is on the sidestand and roller it does feel like the bike is going to fall over, but i don't think it actually will.

    I keep my bike in a communal garage of my apartment block, so being able to put the roller away easily is great. Also good if you're going touring.

    Having said that, if i had my own garage i would opt for the race stand.
  13. a racestand is better than rollers.
    if you use pick ups they are universal.

    Vortex have one through mat mladin imports for RRP $140

    I have an old one works grouse for lubing, taking wheels off etc.....

  14. Go the race stand for sure.
    The other good thing about them is you can manouvre a bike around in tight spaces while the back wheel is off the ground if you get a decent stand with swivelling wheels.
    Great for crowded garages or bikes that dont get used too much.
  15. finished my home made stand yesterday, I think it worked out good, cost under $50

  16. That looks pretty good for a home made job.
    I'll have to give it ago myself.
    I use my friends race stand and it works great.
    Really stable :)
  17. That looks a darn good for a home made job.
    Can't weld but can saw.
    I use a small car jack from target under the exhaust or sump after seeing it done at Lloyd Penn. Their comment was "Get it as far back on the exhaust pipe (not muffler) as you can without slipping."
  18. Sooooooooo...........

    Have you got it yet Vic, how is it??