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Wheel/rim reflector strips

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Raie, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Hi all, I have noticed that some people have a strip of reflective thing or colour around their wheels - can anyone tell me what it's called and if it's something you can buy and put onto your rims yourself? I cannot seem to find anything as I must be searching for the wrong things. Thanks.

  2. Fleabay is good for these!
  3. I'm interested in these as well and was wondering if there's much difference in quality between te different ones on the market. How do they handle being rubbed and soaked like when cleaning the bike?
  4. I got mine from a guy who sells just these o ebay, he's based in the UK, but they arrived within the week, very good too, all cur in to curved lengths so easy to apply, and a great range of colours too.
  5. Mine came from the US for under 20 bucks,I dont think they will come off in any hurry. I ride almost every day,mine have been on since April.
    I gave the wheels a good wash and then cleaned the rim again with Metho. Once dry I had the bike on the centre stand to do the back wheel..and my daughter on the pillion seat to lift the front.
    Easy to apply,just take your time. I watched a few you tube vids on how to apply them.
    This was the guy I used for mine http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Reflective-R...orcycle_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f03df6500
  6. Yes. I got mine early this year and they are starting to look very tacky. I might take them off next wash. Mine are yellow reflective GSXR, four piece stickers. They looked great for a few months but eventfully started to peel and crack at the edges due to sun exposure, cleaning and cable lock rubbing. If I were to buy another set I would get the thinnest possible reel strip that includes a guided applicator. eg http://www.motorcycle-superstore.co...ing-Tape-2010-Ducati-Streetfighter-Parts.aspx

    I wouldn't buy a precurved set again. My 2cents
  7. That's the exact set and colour I have sitting in my garage waiting to go on the bike. I bought them locally from amx for about $20.

    I am getting new rubbers put on my bike this week and will put the stickers on while the rims are off to make it easier.

    Rabbito: Good idea about the metho as I'll do the same for longevity of the stickers.
  8. I have the curved ones as mentioned above, and to date, and after many a wash they are still looking amazing. No peeling or coming away - I usually use kero or metho to clean them too as its cuts thru most of the built up grime.
  9. ^^
    I think it depends a lot on the wheels. The flat surface of my rims (where the tape/stickers are applied) is very thin. I think the stickers may actually be very slightly thicker then the flat surface and therefore curve towards the inside of the wheel (hard to explain). So with age they have lost their stick on the inside of the wheel and have started to peel away and crack on the inside edge... I think something thinner, like I posted above, would be best on my bike.
  10. Ah!, see where you're coming from now.
  11. great thanks all! exactly what i needed.

    if anyone has any photos of their rim stickers (and where they obtained it from), please share with me :)

    btw. how do i read wheel measurements? from honda website for the vtr250 i have found:
    Front Tyres 110/70 17M/C (54H)
    Rear Tyres 140/70 17M/C (66H)

    can I assume that means the wheels are 17 inches?
  12. Yes that means they are 17 inch

    Mine are Orange chrome from rimstickers.com.au

  13. That applicator would have made all the difference for me, I got pre-curved tape, but even putting it extremely careful I still had issues.

    Looks fine from any regular viewing distance, but as soon as you look closer you can see where it's a bit off.

    I'll definitely go the applicator route when it comes time to replace the current ones.
  14. Mine are the same Suzuki dark blue..until light hits them.
    This is not the best shot but it gives you the idea
    Here she is without light
    and with
  15. I've put the same on my gs as Rabbito a short time ago (thanx for the link)
    All good and by the looks of things they'll stay on ok.

    Ah he said, it's the same dark blue but when the lights hit them, the reflective properties of the tape changes them towards an aqua blue.
    Had wife follow me home in the dark few weeks back and she commented how they reflect quite well when lights hit them at the right angles.
  16. Those look awesome! I take it those are the "Reflective" ones.
  17. Yep!

    I love the look too, and not to mention that you are much more visable in the dark provided you have direct light.
  18. @ Intrasonic ,Yup..I just searched fleabay for 'reflective rim tape'..the second pic shows up nice..but the light is not direct, so when you see it from the side it's a lot brighter..but in day light they blend in with the bikes' paint job.