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Wheel Repairs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by e, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. The wheels on my cibby 2fiddy need a makeover. there are some paint chips everywhere.
    Does any body know how much it costs to professionally respray a wheel? any good place in sydney area?
    I was told I might be better of buying secondhand wheels from the wreckers. what do you guys think?


  2. you would be better off getting them painted for sure
  3. polished lips are always a thought, dont u like a bit of polished lips? :LOL:
  4. i prefer the lips to be the polishers. :LOL:

  5. haha yeah but theres always the saying 'lip stick on your dipstick'
  6. So anybody knows roughly how much it costs? and any good place in sydney?
  7. Use a spray can. It's only a wheel and it's dirty 90% of the time.
  8. cmon guys there must be someone out there who knows a good place.

  9. Sorry, I forgot what were we talking about!
  10. No offence taken. Its just sad to see that great resources such as this website must put up with smart asses who spoil everything for people who are just after some good advice.

    If you don't have an answer, please dont reply.
    Thanks to everyone else though who made the effort to reply with proper answers.

  11. Who's given a proper reply to ya Q? [​IMG]
    Its all in fun so dont be so uptight dude.

    My tip is to use Yellow Pages mate. Best answer you'll get is to
    ask the person who'll be charging you for the work. True? :wink:

  12. how bout doin urself? :cool:
  13. Do you think he would be asking for a professional to do it if he could
    do it himself? :p :roll:
  14. i offered advice first before i had said anything else polished lips are a easy/cheap alternative, and looks fantastic.
    how is it being a smart ass having a joke and some fun while we are sharing information.

    lighten up and you will enjoy your time hear alot more and people will be more willing to give you advice
  15. Me and my mate would do it,

    $80 2 pack single stage paint/$40 hammer finish
    $50 sandblasting or chemical striping
    $80 For labour paint and stripin

    Can do these urself
    $60 pullin the rubbers on and off
    $50 pullin the wheels off and back on

    so about $320
    or $220 if u just bring in the rims
  16. thanks dude, is that for both rims? a guy in Newcastle was charging about $240 for the single rim which I thought was a rip-off.
  17. like i said qbnspeedfreak .. no offence taken. thanks for your advice though.
  18. thats for both. There not much diffrence between doin 1 or two for us still gota buy paint & suit up, 2nd whell should only add about an 1-2 hors to the job.

    I got a spare(damaged cbr wheel) lying around so i can test out anything i need to on it as some alloys are a biatch to paint.

    It is a well set up backyard operation but we restore and spit out about a bike a month.PM me if ur up for it.