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QLD Wheel lights. Are these legal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mikethebear, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. So, I've seen a few threads about Rhok products, but none about rim LEDs.
    These are the ones I'm looking at:
    Would they be legal in Queensland?

  2. Depends on what colour. Red, white, blue or orange are all out - as these all have specific purposes outlined in the ADRs (and using those colours for anything else is illegal).

    Green or purple lights the law's not specific about - but that's no guarantee you won't get hit with an unroadworthy sticker by the cops. And lets face it, if you're going to stick bright lights all over your bike then expect to get more attention from the cops.
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  3. and have other motorcyclists laugh at you.

    Don't get me wrong they look great on show bikes, but on a bike being ridden on the road it just screams 'try hard, wannabe wanker'.
  4. I guess that makes me a 'try hard, wannabe wanker'

  5. In my opinion, yes.
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  6. They spill white light backwards, if not illegal definitely dangerous.

    Edit: IMO as I know that there is some sensitivity on this subject.

    Front wheel only might be ok on a faired bike where the wheel will stop light spill to the rear

    or a big ass fender extender to cover the rear lol.
  7. That looks like a bike out of the movie Tron. but a lot better than I expected it too look. Still don't think the cops down here in vic would appreciate those on my bike.
  8. That looks a lot better than the ones I was looking at. Did you make those yourself?
    I'm going to visit a police station tomorrow, see what they say. My main motivation is being seen in the dark since I've had a few near misses in the last week.
  9. So why not just buy a $10 high-vis vest?
  10. The police do not know ALL the laws

    read the Australian Design Rules instead
  11. your in queensland im pretty sure everything is legal.
  12. IIRC any lights that 'revolve' or 'spin' are illegal by ADR.
  13. because not all of us are 50+ and riding a Harley
  14. You're thinking of flashing lights (a spinning reflector being one way to get a light to look like it's flashing). This is different.
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  15. You are correct Danny - and well said / explained may I point out
  16. Have you ever seen a HD rider with fluro on? I call BS

    These ghey wheel lights seem something like the HD pirates would like but. Its a loook at me like the faggy ear bleeding exhausts.

    Edit: IMO
  17. They are against the law of good taste.

    Then again, you are in Queensland. If good taste was enforced, the gold coast wouldn't exist.
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  18. a few but there look like the type of people who have no clue how to ride in aus