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Wheel despoking/respoking recommendations.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by jimmy_g, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. Hey guys and girls,

    Looking to get my wheels pulled apart to get powdercoated and then put back together. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for someone to do this?
    Unless I am searching the wrong term google is not showing much respoking loving.

    Anywhere in Vic would be great.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Where you getting the wheels powdercoated and how much?
  3. Apperently the poweder coating is the cheap part. I called around a few places and they quoted about 150 all up. Thats for red rim and black spokes.
    Powder coating is really cheap if they dont have to do prep work.
  4. I understand. This is something I may look at in the future as I may get the rims painted glossy black.

    Where did you get the quote from?
  5. I've read numerous books that reckon it's easy to do yourself if you approach the job systematically.

    Nope, I don't believe them either :rofl:.
  6. Hahaha, yeah think i will be paying to get the job done. I heard egg shaped wheels dont work so well.
  7. Thanks mate.
  8. Many years ago I had a rim split on my Ducati, so I bought a second hand Honda rim and went to work. Including removing and replacing the (rear) wheel and tyre, I rode it out of the garage 2 hours later. I couldn't believe it either (it was my first time), but it really wasn't hard. Just make sure you give the threads a good dose of WD40, and have a good quality spoke key.
    You do need a stand to hold the axle so you can spin the wheel and keep it centred as you gradually tighten the spokes. You have to make sure its round, tracking concentric to the axle, and centred to the hub in the lateral sense as well. Keep tensions even by listening to the spokes as you tap them, and you'll be surprised how easy it is
  9. I hear a lot of the super retard guys use Lightfoot Engineering.
  10. I wouldn't actually shy away from the task if I had cause to try it. I'll give most mechanical things a crack. I doubt if I'd start on my ride to work bike with a deadline of tomorrow morning though.

    I guess that, if you had to, you could use the forks or swingarm as your assembly stand. Not nice working that close to ground level though.
  11. Lightfoot seems pretty good! Bloke was very helpful on the phone and even suggested some alternatives to powder coating (black chrome for the spokes). Going to head dow on tuesday and lock something in. He qutoed about $1250 to get it all done. Thats despoking / respoking, powder coating the wheel red, chroming the spokes black, powder coating the hubs/drum/shaft housing and shaft. (XVS650s are shaft drive).
  12. That's not too bad. I've heard very good stuff about what he's done. Be sure to keep up posted and post up plenty before/after photos.
  13. Ashs Spoke Wheels is the other place that were pretty good. They quoted $950 to get it done but would only powder coat.