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Wheel Bearings?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Browncoat, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. I've had a noise coming from the front end on my bike since I bought it. It doesn't sound catastrophic and its not really the normal loud grinding noise I would associate with failed bearings more a moan similar to tyre noise on a 4WD(not quite that loud though). Anyway I had the mechanics check it out, they lifted the front wheel off the ground and checked for play and spun it around listening for noise and gave it a clean bill of health. There was no noise. Yet the noise is present when riding.

    Could the bearings only be making noise when there is load on them?

    Probably should have them replaced anyway.

  2. What type of tire do you have on the front ?? and do you check your tire pressure often ???
    Run your hand over the tread and see if the trailing edge of the pattern is not higher than the leading one. This can be caused from neglect. Not running high enough pressure in your tire. It starts as a moan and then become a slight vibration.
    I'm not saying this it it. But I have seen it on a few cruisers. Just hope your mechanic was right.
  3. Thanks Bretto

    Pirelli Diablo Strada

    Tyre pressure always good. There are no raised edges on the tread. Tread pattern probably worn down half way.

    Can bearings make noise when under load but be quiet when wheel is spun with no load? thats all I can put it down to.