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Wheel bearings... Where's a good place to get em?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Loz, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. To the brains trust out there:

    Wheel bearings for my Kwaka ZX9 - is it worth getting OEM? Are there good aftermarket jobs? Bike shop or bearing shop? Know anywhere to get em around Pascoe Vale?

  2. Bearings of this size are all the same.

    MCAS (for example) stock bearings for most bikes that are about the same price as CBC.

    The bearing wholesalers don't give the same discounts for cash that they used too.
  3. Hey Loz seems you were so imprest with peter stevens why not get them from there :shock: No one touches my bike except my local guy in thomastown :wink:
  4. I was chatting to JAFU today and the words skf and Timkin (spellcheck) came up.
  5. peter stevens mate
  6. Bearing Wholesalers - there are a few around melbourne, cheaper than anything from a bike shop, everything from runner bearings to fit a dyson to large industrial bearings, also picked some bike bearings and car wheel bearing kits, including seals. No bullshit, in and out. :)
  7. That's the ticket, cheers lads.
  8. There is a bearing place near me. 25 bux full set.