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Wheel Alignment - string vs laser?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ex-static, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. ..after realising the bike has to be perfectly square/vertical on the swingarm stand to perform a (string) wheel alignment - which mine is not - i decided to try my own laser method using a black & decker hand laser-level mounted on the rear sprocket in an attempt to replicate the PROFI LASR CAT.. trouble is mounting it square in the first place.. has anyone out there tried they're own laser method like this with accurate results?..

  2. I could help you but after you yelled at us in your topic heading I feel kind of intimidated and slightly nervous as you seem to fly off the handle so quickly.
  3. Stringline it. put that silly tool away, and do it properly.
  4. What's to say that the sprocket is perfectly square and even in the "drive coupling/damper assembly" ?
    How worn are the bearing and sleeve?
    How much free play/movement does the sprocket have??

    +1 for string.....
    +1 edit your heading (remove the caps), no need to shout...
  5. Presumably this is to align the rear wheel when doing a chain adjustment? If so, when you set up a laser device what is the point of reference? ie. what do you align it with?

    I remember back in the 80s when I had problems with my then new GSX1100 with terrible speed wobbles, one of the things that they did was to mount these two things on the front and rear wheels, then line up these pins. I can't remember how it exactly worked, but given that the front wheel turns I wondered how they'd get it right.

    These days I just use a steel 6" rule to measure between the start of the slot in the swingarm to the adjuster on each side, make sure that they're the same.

    Seems to work OK, tyres don't scrub out, bike doesn't wobble and chain doesn't seem to grab.
  6. string line the bike. doesn't take long and it works.

  7. I prefer measuring from the swingarm pivot to the rear axial,I use a cheap thin as possible tape to bend a bit where required,one of these days I want to make a trammel,bit like one of those big compasses teachers would use to scribe circles on a blackboard.Wheres the local Computrack,do a Gogol,when you need them,String lines work but to do it properly takes ages,once done I use the same number of turns each side when adjusting the chain.Years ago when chasing a wobble I made a jig out of 2 sheets of custom wood with a section cut out for the centre stand,chocked it up as high as possible on the wheels and discovered they were out of parallel by 7mm,I ended up
    respoking the rear wheel offset by 3mm to line them up.
  8. jeez i didn't realise you weren't allowed to use capital letters on this site!.. wasn't shouting, just trying to make it easy to read.. it's a shame when some people are so quick to jump to conclusions.. .. anyway, swingarm marks can't be trusted.. good point about the rear sprocket not being perfectly square.. bearings are good & sprocket doesn't have a lot of freeplay but i guess there's always going to be some play.. think i'll take it to a workshop with a laser set-up
  9. I believe it's called etiquette - all capitals=yelling, shouting. It's not jumping to conclusions, it's the "accepted" way of text communication - either on a website or in an email.

    String works fine - simple and easy.
  10. No one is jumping to anything
    Terms and conditions are clear and you did agree to them when you signed up.
  11. Smee, users can't edit thread titles in the new forum. Title edited. Now kiss and make up.

    OP, please take note for next time.

  12. Thanks Rob, maybe it's something we could look at in changing the editing suite, as for the OP I forgive your transgression :)
  13. With regards to the alignment, I used to have a straight bar across the top of the forks, and the bottom of the forks looking down onto them to check for twist.
    Once that was sorted I'd set it on the centre stand with the front wheel straight and stand 5-10m back looking to see if the rear lined up :p

    Very basic method but it seemed to work, since my swingarm alignment marks were way out after that I was suggested to try another method.
    Assuming the forks are straight first, get 2 long straight bars (or wood, whatever) around 1.5M or more depending on wheel base.
    Using G clamps or similar, attach them to the front and back of the rear wheel, clamping as high up the wheel as possible.

    Then prop up the front of the bars to the same height and see if it lines up with the front wheel.

    Once I saw how that method worked it makes a lot of sense, turns out my wheel was perfectly straight too which suggests my swingarm/frame is bent somewhere.

    Otherwise the stringline method probably be the one to use as it seems to work quite well for cars. Laser alignment is no more accurate than a good stringline, but is faster to do multiple cars for a shop where its all set up and ready to use repeatedly.

    My 3cents, take it or leave it as you wish :)
  14. Going OT a bit, but why is it deemed a "transgression"? In any case, in terms of proper use of English aren't titles meant to be capitalised? If not, when is the use of capitals required?
  15. yeah you did jump to an erroneous conclusion mate - that i was flying off the handle, just for asking a question like string or laser? you're living up to yr name - shitstirrer.

  16. Ya got me,, just as I got you.
    Sometimes humour is not very pronounced on a written forum but there was much levity in my original post.
  17. In the original OP he wrote the whole heading IN CAPS WHICH IS CONSIDERED AS SHOUTING.
    Rob fixed it for him.
  18. ..........................
  19. note taken.