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Wheeeeeeeeeeeeelie's - What's Worse for the bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Power-up's

  2. Clutch-up's

  1. Hey all;

    Calling all seasoned wheelier's and bike fiddlers...

    Having a chat with my trusted mechanic and he told me clutch-up wheelies will destroy a clutch pretty quickly. However another seasoned wheelier on NR told me power-ups strain the engine more. What's the story??

    Power-up's work the hell out of the motor?
    Clutch-up's work the chain and clutch to a quick death?

    All of the above is ignoring the landing. Making the assumption the rider can land is softly.

    Thanks all.

  2. Wheelies are illegal you hoon! :shock: :shock: :eek: :eek: :eek:

  3. Everytime you wheelie God blinds a kitten - er something like that ;)
  4. Depends on your type of power wheelie. There's the shut off snap open type, which will have a shock on the system. And there's the roll on power wheelie, which is no different to accelerating in any other manner (does your motor know that the front wheel is off the ground???).

    Of course clutching a wheelie up wears the clutch, but it's a consumable so it's only a question of $$. On top of this, you get considerably more wear on the rear tyre clutching it up. Sprockets and chain, it's prob about even?

    I'd just avoid unecessarily shocking the drivetrain and motor, you've prob got cush drive hub and perhaps a cushioned clutch basket or the like, but be nice.
  5. Cluctch up without fail causes more damage, :nail: stretches primary and drive chain, cam chain, clutch etc etc :? but how else you gonna learn to do 2nd gear 140kmh wheelies :grin: (on a closed circuit race track of coarse)
  6. Pathetic excuse to post a fantastic picture, begone with you :rofl:
  7. Power wheelies imo. The sudden snap of power from a clutch wheelie would put a large amount of strain on a whole host of components.

    Either way, both are fun :grin:

    Beautiful picture!!!
  8. Is he counter-steering? :LOL:

  9. No it's not, legit, I wanna know whats better and worse so I know which one to practice more!! Legit!! :grin:

    I threw the picture in so people would vote and reply. Last time I required numbers in voting I put up tits and arse and got told off and had the pictures removed. But it got the votes in for that time they were up!!! :eek:

  10. The CBR1000RR comes up in 2nd pretty clean and easy shouldn't put too much strain on things, but that being said its a high performance machine they need maintenance anyway.
  11. I hate clutch up wheelies, mate...(coz I can't do them properly) ahahaha
    Seriously...until you get proficient at them, they will put a pretty decent strain on the drive components.
    And generally your head stem bearings will take a bit of a hammering from rough landings (no matter which way you do them)

    On your bike...if you shift your bum back in the seat a bit, and just drive off from a standing start with a bit of gusto and then once you have the clutch all the way out hit full power, the front will rise nice and easily, as you get into the meat of the power on the trumpet...(does on the 600RR, so should on yours). all you have to do is then throttle off a bit and the front wheel will ease back down. Not too much strain, and certainly does'nt hurt the engine any more than hitting full power in any other set of circumstances.
    Make Sure the front wheel is straight when you come back down to avoid a tank slapper! :))))...or be prepared for it.. :wink:

    I'm no wheeliemeister, but that's my personal experience. :)

  12. :LOL: The first time I knew it was up was because it landed not straight... I didn't know it was up until changing into 2nd... Was outside Apollo bay too on the main drag (great day that, first day on the new toy in the twisties).

    "Wheelies" second and third one were also not straight but nothing serve I guess, no tank slappers or anything, bars just straightened up and the bike continued on... (thankfully!).

    Oggy's going on this weekend and I'll be riding as of the Saturday after, so practice time!!! :grin: :grin:

    Thanks all for the replies...!!

  13. I say powerups have caused my bikes more damage. Here's why: roll-off/roll-on first loads up the chain and the motor in the reverse direction, then in the forwards direction. It's a 2-stage jerk on the chain, the sprockets, the motor, the cush drives, the lot.

    Clutch-ups... Well, while you're learning, you'll probably burn a bit of clutch. But you're normally doing this stuff in first or second gear - and it's nowhere near as bad for your running gear as a burnout.

    Once you've got the tezznique down, it gives you a better flexibility of speeds and gears in which you can launch whooliez. It lets you bring the bike up quicker, and not at the mercy of the power curve. It lets you easily separate the lift from the hold and ride. And I believe the sort of clutch-ups I'm pulling these days aren't any more taxing on the running gear than a quick takeoff at the lights, because there's no grab or jerk, just a smooth letting out of the clutch which is controlled by your whoolie finger.

    I started out with power-up whooliez, doing them everywhere I went and shitting chains every 5,000km. I switched to clutch-ups and started getting 10,000km out of chains, and now I'm smoother and more comfortable and chains are lasting twice that. On the other hand, the clutch basket on my old motor was MUNTED. But it seemed to be munted from pretty early on, and I bought it off a gino, so for all I know, he dun it not me.
  14. Hey mate just a word of warning... the tank slapper only happens at a fair pace. When you bring it down don't lean on the bars or hold them in your kung fu death grip. I a close one bringing it down around 50k's an hour but i didn't put any input into the bars and it just wobbled itself straight fairly quickly. However, this was slightly off centre, i wasn't crossing the bars or anything...

    and in regards to clutch VS power..... I can't do great clutch ups but it does feel alot less violent in the way you lift the front.

    Either way... bucketloads of fun!

    Just try not to loop the bastard! :p
  15. Buy a zx14?
  16. Let me guess a blue one too?
  17. No you are not that cool, how about a red one instead.
  18. I recokn both power wheelies and clutch-up wheelies accelerate wear on all your drive components. Also while you are learning there is a bit of a tendancy to drop the front end hard as well, which doesnt do your front end suspension any favours either.

    Bike maintenance is expensive as is without doin stuff that makes it more so

    My 2c

  19. You're right. And engines over 500cc stretch chains and chew tyres, so why would you bother riding a litrebike? Pffff. Thrash it!
  20. Yeah well Edgelett does tell me your a bit of a hoon Loz :) especially when you start to get off the seat.....

    The ZX14 does get the occasional bit of one wheel action, but not really ever on purpose.

    was coming down the dandenongs towards ferntree gully last w/e, hit that really nice 35km/hour corner at about 80, tipped in, scrapped the ball of my foot as I went through and as powered out I felt the front end wriggle and lift just a touch while I was still at about 1/2 lean.......

    There is no better feeling.

    But its still hard on the bike :)