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Whats your top 5 motorbike mistakes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WeeBubba, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. it would be great to hear what everybody's top 5 mistakes are with their motorbikes. will be a chance to learn from others mistakes so i dont repeat them myself!!

    here are mine, they arent too bad because ive not been riding that long and not had a crash so far (touch wood), but here goes:

    - i overtightened the sump plug after doing an oil change once. in the end i had to get the mechanics to put a new helicoil in. the whole thing ended up costing me more than if i'd got them to do the service in the first place!

    - my one (and so far only) bike drop. happened when i was putting the bike on the centre stand and was a bit too casual. The bike just kinda fell away from me. the damage was hardly anything. but still, it was a new bike, and i was mortified.

    - target fixation when cornering on my L's. i remember getting utterly fixated by a MacDonalds bag on the road for some reason when doing a corner. the end result was i found heading off the road, but luckily managed to brake in time.

    - nearly went through on red once (again on my L's). there were 2 lanes coming to an intersection. i was in the right hand lane and there was a bus in front of me. even though the bus was in the right hand lane, he was actually turning left with a green filter light. he was in the right hand lane because he needed the extra room to make the turn. for some reason, because the bus was going through the lights in my right hand land, i was concentrating on the bus and kinda just assumed the lights were on green. i only realised they were red with only the green left filter on at the last moment and came to a heavy brake as the lights went green and the cars started to go the other way on the intersection. (i hope that all makes sense!)

    - trying to keep up with Trent or Goz. :)
  2. Thinking it won't rain that heavily and leaving the "wets" at home.

    Having a "wee" toke before riding and then hearing those noises from the motor which I swear I've never heard before.

    Saying to myself not to risk it, and then on impulse doing it, only to realise I should've trusted my original instinct.

    Parking on the side stand when I shoulda known better....and

    Taking my missus for a ride thinking maybe she won't biatch about the speed I'm doing this time and then thinking after I cop one in the kidneys..."I should've taken a valium first".
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  3. misjudging braking distances at traffic lights.
    it didn't look that far on the map.
    not starting riding when I was younger.
    not doing CSS earlier.
    not sorting the suspension when I first got the bike.
  4. Touched the front brakes when coming downhill on a wet clay road with a full touring kit on board. Stupid Stupid I kept thinking all the way to the ground. ;)
  5. - Taking future wife for ride (well that was a mistake in itself), but didn't consider that the bike would get jealous and spit boiling coolant all over her leg. Not happy. Ever after.

    - Park nose in/down hill (!)

    - ...AND leave it in neutral.

    - Think "I wonder if I can get my knee down?" (mistake in itself :roll:) and look down to see how far off the surface I was (a lot), notice that there is a funny grey patch getting closer to me oh shit that's the gravel shoulder oh shit I'm spearing off the road aaaargh.
    Saved it. Just.

    - Test ride sports bike, think "I wonder if I can get my knee down? Won't look this time, hehe." Think "Gee, y'know I might be getting close here." Just in time remember that I'm wearing jeans :shock:

    Wait, I've got another - ride halfway up (front wheel) onto a media strip, prop, and realise I can't reach the ground on either side! Uh-oh. Down she goes.
  6. I'm a noob, so far:

    Leaving sunglasses on while removing helmet - ouch
    leaving keys in pocket until gloves are on.
    side stand in new bitumen.
  7. - Starting on a 250 Vstar
    - Parking nose in, downhill
    - Target fixation on a rather large rock in the middle of the road
    - Completely forgetting I can't get both feet on ground at a standstill, landing in a rough place and dropping brand new bike on day 2
    - 5th place reserved for something special yet to happen...
  8. hmm having bike falling of side stand while idling on a down hill dirveway [my bad]
    trying to put bike on paddock stand and again side drop [different bike]
    day dreaming while riding [off last november, shoudler still aches]
    pillioning my son and going over the speed limit by kms [he was wrapt, but my bad
    and not starting to ride at a younger age
  9. Mmm...so many mistakes, so few required...

    Ummm... Ok...assuming cars coming out of side streets, see me! ( fortunately my instinctive reaction is to cover the brakes and down change, whether I need to or not.)

    Staying wide, and quick turning through a high speed corner, but being a few tenths of a second late on turn-in.

    Going into southern loop at PI, too fast and spearing straight ahead across the beach at 140 straight at the tyre wall.

    Riding in full unperforated leathers on a 40C+ day.

    falling asleep while riding, and twice waking up just I was about to leave the road. All because I didn't take a break when I recognised that I needed to beforehand.
  10. Haven't dropped the bike whilst riding yet but still made a lot of mistakes.

    5. When I first got my bike, it arrived early in the week every night when I came home I would come home turn it on and then just play with the throttle in neutral. Ended up with a dead battery on Thursday night so I couldn't ride on the weekend till I got a new battery (and trickle charger).

    4. Wearing office shoes, and going to check the oil level during lunch in a slippery car park surface, ended up slipping and dropping the bike on my leg which left a scare on my calf.

    3. Waking up late, splashing water on my face rushing to get to work, cold tyres, choke still on a little, and went around the corner a little fast, a bit of cement and then the bike buckled a bit but luckily I saved it somehow. Now I don't care if I'm late to work, just take it easy early in the morning and on cold tyres.

    2. I could feel tapping on my foot when applying the rear brake, I rode on it for about a week or so before I put it into the bike shop, ended up with a warped brake disc, which it was basically metal and metal (piston/brake disc) so it angled down in a weird way, costing a arm & a leg to get fixed.

    1. Biggest scare was during Chromes Kangaroo Valley ride down south when we started off it was only a couple of minutes into the RNP if I remember correctly, it was early (kind of), inexperienced, never ridden the road and missed the sign, was looking at the tyre in front and was trying to copy that and not riding my own line, ended up running wide and nearly smacked into the guard rail only the groove of the ditch saved my left knee cap thing.
  11. buying a madass 50 new (though it was manual, so learnt the gears, and it was New Zealand, so could ride it on my car). Picked it up in the back of a Forester from Auckland, drove 2 hours home. Only one broken indicator.

    sunglasses in helmet while I jammed it on my head

    putting fleabay flushmounts on my bike thinking it would look good (it did not)

    buying OEM screws and nuts for my screen, thinking the repairer used different ones

    riding from Sydney to the Central Coast on a tyre with a nail in it, thinking she'll be right. - It was for a work "team building" so couldn't avoid, woke up to torrential rain, and I crashed on the second last roundabout from destination. Turns out tyre was only 22 psi.
  12. 1. Assumming that other vehicles know you're there (all directions) or have seen you
    2. See mistake 1
    3. See mistake 2
    4. Performing head check when too close to vehicle in front
    5. Heavy braking on cold tyres!
  13. 5. Overtaking on a corner that had a screen of loose gravel right at the apex and low siding (I REALLY should have cleaned my visor at the last stop).

    4. Thinking that the car that stopped at the give way sign and looked right at me had seen me (just before they accelerated hard into my path... *ouch*).

    3. Coming over the top of a hill along a country road that said road works and not slowing down (eeeeekkk wet clay at errmmm license losing speeds... still not sure what happening there but I'm still here).

    2. Thinking a mate was waving me past him, nailing the throttle to pass and realizing (as I saw the 30kph sign) that he was waving me to slow down (I lent that far I bruised my toes through my riding boots as the pegs folded onto the frame with my toes in the way). The people following said there was sparks coming from several hard points under the frame and they were sure I was going off the cliff. The bike sort of almost low sided it's way through the corner, then stood up (half a highside) but didn't kick me all the way off and I managed to (somehow) get through the corner.

    1. And the number one stupid thing I've done on a bike?
    Riding to a Honda dealer and buying one of the bloody things :)
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  14. 1.Dropping the bike on the tram tracks while doing a u-turn (they can be slippery when you're cranked over.:grin:) , out the front of Peter Stevens in Elizabeth st.
    2.Riding onto the footpath, and losing my footing and toppling over.
    3. Riding without the front mudguard, and learning that the bike likes to go into monstrous tank slaps.
    4.Not treating my first 'big' bike with the respect it deserved.
    5.Riding with personalised plates.
  15. Buying a Honda over 200cc.

    Scouring every wreckers in the UK for a replacement engine when it seized its crank (they all do that Sir)

    Buying another Honda over 200cc when the replacement engine went bang in exactly the same way.

    Selling that one for a pittance (because it was rubbish) just before "Jap Classic" prices went stratospheric.

    Assuming that previous owners had lubed the final drive splines on a BMW K100.

    Trying to bump start a massively overloaded MZ whilst suffering from a roaring fever, resulting in being stuck under the bike and unable to lift it off me whilst various helpful bystanders stood around and gaped, laughed or yelled abuse. Know I know how a medieval knight must have felt when trapped under his dead horse and staring up at a circle of vengeful peasants with sharp objects :D.

    How many more do you want?
  16. Did something very similar in Wales years ago. Me and a mate were well in the groove with me leading when a badly painted sign flashed past. I just had time to process the words "MUD ON RODE" and I was into a deep layer of agricultural slime that stretched from wall to wall and most of the way to the next visible bend. Meanwhile, Mate, a couple of hundred meters behind and unaware that I daren't touch anything to upset a bike that's signalling its desire to go into the mother and father of all fishtails, decides that 'cos I haven't backed off it can't be too bad :LOL:. We got away with it, but I really don't know how :shock:.
  17. i'm sure i have more than five mistakes, but these are the ones I remember right now.

    1. Sitting on my bike in a slight drizzle, wondering what I was forgetting. After riding smack dab into the storm I realised it was my waterproof over-pants.

    2. Not checking if the kickstand was going to go down before giving it my all and near breaking my leg on it's unyielding bastardness (this is a fairly frequent one)

    3. Believing my dad when he said 'Nah you'll be able to get it past the trailer easy' and crashing right into it (luckily no damage)
  18. In order of the pain and suffering it caused me or my family.

    Trying to keep up with a rider who was so much better and faster than me.

    Riding from Melbourne to Wagga in 40c heat in full leathers. ATGATT can cause you serious health issues.

    Pushing a GR650 way beyond it's design brief.

    Buying a POS GN250.

    And last and certainly least (and the most embarresing) owing a GR650.

  19. Very, very sound advice.
  20. #20 Bignik, Nov 25, 2011
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    Being a noob:
    Target fixation on pot hole then 4wd in oncoming lane....lucky phew
    Not checking tire pressure,front tire was 13psi below recommendation.
    Lack of concentration and running wide into curb,twice
    Leaving keys in ignition and wondering off.
    Lifting visor at dusk with no sunnies and getting an eyeful of bug.
    Late braking.