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Whats your thoughts on Yellow?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bepi16, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Still looking to getting my first bike, thinking I might be leaning to getting a straight commuter
    in the form of the CB250. I just saw one the other day with a custom yellow paint job.

    I guess it may make the bike more visible on the road so it could be a safety aspect?

    What do you reckon about a yellow bike?
  2. Love it meself
  3. Taxi's are yellow...

    School Buses are yellow...

    Bikes aren't supposed to be yellow! :p
  4. yellow is lame :p
  5. Triumph





    Personally I think it's okay :D
  6. Those are pretty impressive examples there but it is slightly harder to imagine it looking that good on a CB250.

  7. Take a peek in my garage :LOL:

    yellow is good, more visible, makes a smaller bike look bigger. It grows on you mate :) ... depends on the bike
  8. dont think it'd make a difference....yellow doesn't make the bike goes any faster! :shock:
  9. i know a fireman that drives the fire truck , people still run into a truck with sirens and flashing lights,

    the colour of your bike/gear/helmet etc means nothing
  10. Bikes should only be in black with gold pin striping says he who has a red bike. Red is ok too. I don’t like blue on bikes. Makes them look plastic. Just my 2c worth. :tantrum:
  11. yellow doesn't look too bad on a buell either :grin:


  12. Here ya go bud,

    Not a great job but will give you an idea as to what it may look like.



  13. If you want to grab attention, go for it bud. :grin:

  14. yellow is gay woodsy has a yellow bike :LOL: :p personally orange is the colour of bikes :cool:
  15. if it looks go go with yellow. my first ninja was yellow and no one said thay hated it. i agree that it can make the bike look bigger though.
  16. Well one way another it is decided.

    I'm going with it. I pick it up on friday and that will be that I guess. Now I just got to make sure I remember all the things I have to do like rego and insurance and what not.

    Plus I would need to run it by a mechanic for that initial service, who knows what they give 'road worthies' to these days.

    Well should be fun anyway.