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Whats your story?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by CFVFR, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Still with the same one as I started

  2. 2 So far

  3. More than 2 (get itchy feet)

  1. To my Netrider Brothers/Sisters

    Must have too much time on my hands at the moment, so got to thinking about careers in general.

    They say (who 'they' are I am still to discover) people change careers at least twice in their lifetime.

    I for one am a chef but wanted to try something different before I hit the big 30, so became a registered Real Estate Agent.(this was 5 years ago)

    Going from something (chef) that everyone loves, to an Agent whom everyone loaths was a confronting experience indeed.
    Managed to do it for a year but found I was still too passionate about food, so returned to the kitchen.In fact, I found I had a new lease of enjoyment at returning. (must be waning again!!)

    Still want to try my hand at other things that involve more 'family' suitable hours and wont involve too much study etc. Possible Forklift/ Truck driving etc.
    Reckon if I did it all again I would have been a Builder as they can do heaps of other tasks as well.

    Anyone want a mature aged apprentice?(35)

    I am putting it 'out there' for other netriders to tell of their career changes that they have experienced. Some guys/girls can turn their hands to almost anything.

    Whats your story? :grin: :grin:

    Thats me done.....

    EDIT; Places worked as Chef so far

    1/ Nansidwell Country House, Cornwall.UK Apprentice 1 Michlin
    2/ Bridge House Hotel, Reigate.Surrey.UK
    3/ La Banque Resturant, Mornington Vic. Pastry Chef
    4/ Brampton Island Resort, Queensland
    5/ Peppers Cosmopolitan, Double Bay. Sydney
    6/ Hotel Intercontinental. Sydney. Commis to Demi Chef
    7/ Mayfair Hotel-Intercontinental, Mayfair. London Chef Saucier
    8/ Oxo Tower Restaurant. Harvey Nichols. London
    9/ Manly Pacific Parkroyal. Manly Sydney. Banquet Sous
    10 Morningstar Estate Restaurant. Vic. Sous Chef
    11/ Bay Hotel Mornington. Head Chef
    12/ Peppers Moonah Links Resort. Rye. Sous Chef
    Currently a casual chef who gets paid for every hour worked rather than working 70+ and getting paid for 40 hours.

  2. I'm still with the same company (14 years this year lol) mainly because I have been able to shift into different roles over the years. I get paid well and they are great when it comes to needing time off for family stuff - the job security is a huge plus.

    At the moment I am studying because what I really want to do is psychology/counselling. Long road ahead but I will get there lol

    Great post Cam :)
  3. Well if someone had of paid me to be an alcoholic, my career path would have taken a different turn!! :p

    As it is, I have been a number cruncher..ahem..I mean...Accountant and am now called a "Senior Business Analyst"..(among other things!! :shock: )

    I sometimes regret that my want for materialistic gain & travel meant that my hippy earlier lifestyle went on the back burner! But I had a lot of fun in the process :LOL:

    But hey!, they say life goes full circle :wink:
  4. Tweetster you can do both ;) lol
  5. You sure can!! ...money can buy you a LOT of beads man!! :wink:
  6. No no no.. Crystals are the go man ;) Get one of those Tibetan Quartz pieces, it will only set you back a couple grand - Hippie meets Material :LOL:
  7. Wot?...Meth?? :shock:

  8. EEwwwwwww HELL NO lol

    Drugs are baaaaaad, okaay ;)
  9. well not counting casual part-time jobs I did to get through uni, I've been an electrical engineer then a software engineer - not much of a shift. But for the last 8 years I been Mr Mum that was a big shift. Now kids are older I'm thinking of going back to work just to relieve the boredom. No career for me now though I think I just want to putt around the suburbs on a little 110 stepthrough and wear outlandishly loud fluorescent clothes :LOL: that has to wait till after the home reno's are completed as I'm doing a stint as a (unpaid) project manager till then
  10. Starving musician, hoping to get into the science field more. Wave physics would be a good and useful challenge, quantum physics will have to be a hobby I think :LOL:
  11. Ohh see I know whats going on there.... you are posing as said starving musician so people think you are jamming in your garage but what you are really doing is building a particle accelerator :twisted:
  12. i havent done a apprenticeship in any field but have worked many jobs as a trades assistant offsider labourer type person, Have worked in a company in sydney stripping down turbines and rebuilding them from ships etc, a trades assistant in chemical refinery plants with fitters during shutdowns, spent a few years wiring up ovens in a factory in sydney, a few more years making office furniture and loading trucks at another company, worked as a brickies labourer for a while slinging bricks and mud up buildings, currently work in major book distribution warehouse for 4 years or so doing everything from driving forks to load unload trucks dispatch work, nightshift replenishing, they move me around everywhere and stops me from becoming bored and thus a pain in the ass :LOL: , a few other jobs but minor boring ones along the way too, oh an for a while i was a super A grade partying machine during my youth (others may reference that asa pisshead :LOL: )
  13. come to the darkside cam, us aged care chefs work 9-6 in most places, and you can somewhat pick your days(Weekends for me are atm wed-fri) Not as Glamerous as Resteraunt work, but you get lots of little things ou can't get in restes. For example I am currently feeding several OAM's, an Australian Champion Billiards player, A lady who used to be the head nurse for Victoria, amongst others. Most have a lot of interesting stories, and the workload is honest, but not overly hard.
  14. Haven't worked for very long so haven't been in any long term job placements. However worked at Maccas for 3 years (3 years too long) while I was at uni, as well as for the Melb Racing Club doing hospitality during spring racing for extra money. Currently have a full time job as well as a casual job...full time job being the beginning of my career I believe and the only job I have that is remotely close to my degree, which is science. Casual job is just there for extra money and something different.

    phong =P~
  15. I've been a teacher and then moved to being a teacher of teachers, which while in the same kind of field is actually completely different, but it was in the various jobs before and during and between (I took a couple of years off) uni that I really got the variety. Here's a short list:

    • Factory cleaner
    • Builders labourer
    • Timber yard worker
    • Trainee anesthetic technician
    • Food factory worker
    • Kitchen hand
    • Assessor of TAFE applications
    • Door to door salesman of paintings and insurance

    I also did tutoring while I was a teacher, and currently write books - in fact there've been few times when I haven't had one sort of second job or another.[/list]
  16. After working in a video store for 8 years, I'm lucky enough to be in my dream job right now - 3D Visualisation and Animation.

    But... next year I'm taking off overseas for three years, working casual jobs and seeing the world.

    I don't even know if I'll have a job to come back to, it's a bit hard to find your perfect job and then give it up, but I suspect the life experience would be worth it.
  17. Where to start??

    In 1968 I spent my first year out of high school working as a road-and-drains labourer at Port Kembla Steelworks, saving up for a two-year course at Tahlee Bible College (north of Newcastle). That took up 1969 and 1970.

    In March 1969 my marble rolled out for the National Service call-up (20 years old) but I was deferred until I finished my course, and then as they farnackled around with my medical, etc, I didn't end up going into the Army till May '72.

    Although I had been called up, life as an Army chef wasn't half bad, so I stayed for another seven and a half years, till the October Long Weekend, 1979, when I got out of the Army and started working as chef in a restuarant/Motel in Musswellbrook, NSW. (During those years I also bought a bike, and became a part time photographer at motorcycle meetings as well!)

    The lure of family and a possible (finally!!) move into the full-time ministry called us to Canberra in 1980, and then between 1981 and 1985 I was the Pastor of that little white wooden-board church on the corner in Wesburn, in the Yarra Valley.

    In middle 1985 we were called back to our sending church in Canberra as the senior Pastor wanted to go to the Philippines as a missonary.

    In 1988 we moved to Sydney as my wife's career took precedence over mine and she took up the position of the K-6 Supervisor of a newly-formed Christian School in Engadine. I quickly got out of cooking (when you've seen one pumpkin, you truly HAVE seen them all) and became a typewriter and later printer salesman with an IBM company.

    In 2006 I finally tired of living with travel from Wollongong to Sydney and back every day (we moved down here in late 1999), unobtainable targets and shifting goal posts in sales, and got out of the game for good.

    A couple of lean years followed, but in the providence of God I now find myself as the Chaplain for a Special School for difficult children, and an IT consultant-for-hire at several others.

    But, as most of you know, since the age of 16 my main career has been preaching and teaching the Bible; the secular jobs have just paid the bills so I could do the main job :).
  18. I always wanted to be a pilot in the Defense Force, but can't do that when you're colour blind.

    I do want to completely change my current career in IT. I don't want to be in IT anymore really. Being a police officer was always my second option, but for some reason or another, I was never able to. I've been thinking more and more lately about applying, but don't know if I'll get in what with being Colourblind, and a couple of other things.

    Anyhoo. I grew up picking Cherries every summer, and then when I started traveling had a fair few jobs.

    Fruit picking (mainly grapes)
    Been a barman at countless backpackers and bars. Usually short term (eg a week). Don't get paid for it, just get free accommodation.
    Cook and Kitchen hand / Shitkicker (at a couple of backpackers)
    Waiter at a couple of restaurants.
    Ticket collector at a couple of festivals.
    Parking guy at a couple of festivals / shows.
    Show ride operator. (while this was the most punishing, even over being behind a bar, it was also the most fun.)
    Shitkicker on a construction site (in actual fact, I just helped knock down a house. Sledgehammer into a wall = win. Cleaning up after sucks though.)

    I eventually ended up working where I am now, as an IT/AV Support Technician in a school, but whenever I travel, I still end up moonlighting here and there. Would love to be a cop, but have no idea if I'm anywhere near the mark of someone who they'd want.
  19. Abbreviated list:

    Started life as a dairy farmer.

    Then a cop;

    Then a commercial pilot (charter, not airlines);

    Then ran an Franchising company,

    Did a Business Degree at the same time,

    Then started and ran my own database programming business,

    Now for last few years been a property developer/manager.

    About to re-start my computer business.

    The only one I was glad to leave was being a cop, never enjoyed it - I didn't have the stomach for what had to be done to be good at it.

    The rest I left for better opportunities.

    Still thinking of returning to flying, that one I do miss!

    Life is too short to do the same job for all of it, unless its flying!
  20. First job out of school was with a bank. I hated it.

    Got in to shipping (can't remember why), and worked for various shipping agents and shipping companies up till my late twenties. Interesting times...

    Travelled to Europe (got free passage on a ship), worked for a shipping co. in London for a while. They went broke (because of the Iraq trade embargo) and I ended up working in Rotterdam for a few months before doing the grand tour - Norway to Turkey and back to London via Greece, Italy etc.

    When I got back, found it hard to get back into shipping. Took a crappy job only on the basis its easier to get a job if you already have one. Still couldn't find anything. Ended up doing a computer programming course.

    Had a couple of short term jobs programming, no great shakes though.

    Discovered I could actually make money on the horses. My programming and database knowledge had found a purpose... The hours are long, it is hard work, and the income is by no means regular or guaranteed, but at least I'm not working for some other <insert expletive here>.