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What's your stopping position after lane splitting?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mouth, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. I pull in front of a car, so that it is positioned behind me and can't easily accelerate past me

  2. I stop in front, but still between, the cars so that they can easily accelerate past me

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  1. Lights are red, 2 or more lanes of traffic, you lane split to the front of the 'pack'. Where do you come to a stop?

  2. always in front, it might piss them off a bit more, but you're allowing for other riders to get through, making sure they dont take off before you and making sure your foot doesn't get run over (happened to malissa)
  3. Yup, thats my reasoning for it too. But lately, if noticed that it seems more and more riders don't. Hence the poll, for an indication.
  4. In front of the car, turn head back to make some kind of eye contact so i know they have seen me.
    With that said have only done it once or twice.
  5. I like to position myself in front of a car, so I am actually in a lane. But I always check out the car and/or driver that I have stopped in front of, and if it is a young male, somebody in a ricer/SS/XR/Ute or similar, I make a mental note and make sure I am ready to take off the second the light turns green so they don't get held up.

    But if it is an old granny in a Hyundai, well it doesn't really matter then.

  6. No hard and fast rule for mine. It depends on the intersection, the cars sitting there, pedestrians. In the lane off centre in front of the headlight when I get in front of them . I like the option of both lanes easily accesible . If I saty in the middle its forward of both cars and I watch for bikes and move if I have to.

    So I cant vote. The options listed carry reasons not applicable to me.
  7. On the odd occasion i do split ill pull in front of the car... Cant see why anyone would do anything different?

    If you "stay in between the lanes for others to accelerate past you" then why did you even split in the first place. Thats just askin for trouble
  8. i am new to this buti pull into the left in fronr of the car as much as i can.
  9. I stop directly infront of the driver of the left lane vehicle. (I reckon their less inclined to abuse you if they can only see the back of your head).. Even if they yell, just pretend you can't hear them and everyone else thinks that they are having an episode!
  10. Given where most drivers actually stop getting in front of them isn't really an option for me - since this would put me in the middle of the intersection. Usually pull up in between cars but ahead of the driver (so they know I'm there) then accelerate ahead when it's green and pull in front of whichever car was slower.
  11. Do you always split in between the cars and NEVER on the extreme left or right?
  12. I also pull in front of the car so that others in my group can join me out front and not have to sit in between the Cagers.
  13. Possible reason for this might be people splitting to front, and then not finding much room to swing in front of the car?
    Given the profusion of advanced lines for cyclists now, this doesn't quite add up, tho'. More likely just less people thinking about what they're doing.
  14. Depends on the situation
    I'll split to the front and get in front of the car but sometimes I'll split and stay where I am.
    The worst thing one would want is to split to the front, get in front then when the lights go green you stall it.
  15. On the occaisons that I stay in between lanes its not for others to accelerate past me .

    I dont always want some twit in a ss fixated on the light change dropping his clutch the moment he does and me pausing for the twit trying to get around on the arrow across the road. You have to read the intersection and the time.
  16. All depends on the intersection, if it is safe to do so or not, and if there's enough space to split between the cars.

    I wonder who the person is who voted to stay between the cages to be squished?
  17. Well, Being BIG,UGLY,and BAD as a lot of people on here depict us as, it has its advantages as no-one has ever abused me, or even looked sideways at me (cept for the kids in the back seat) and I always wave to them. it depends on the Intersection, but normally right inbetweeen them at the front windows so they know I am there.Even the newest of riders should be able to accelerate off the line quicker than any cage driver. get out in front and then pick a lane.... :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  18. Off to the side so when their foot slips off the brake then don't rear end you.
  19. I usually pull up in front, but becuase the majority if my riding is to and from the city, so I find that cars always cross the white lines and are about a foot away from the crossing.

    In those cases I stay inbetween the cars instead of getting infront blocking the footpath. As the lights start to change and the crossing's clear I inch out.
  20. Not a nice situation, and one I have found myself in (although not recently). This is precisely why I think it safer to be in front. They HAVE to wait until you get it fired up again (unless they choose to deliberately mow you down :shock: ) . I can say from my own experience that I would far rather have several honking cars behind me than having them stream past centimetres from each side while I'm immobile and struggling with a recalcitrant bike.
    I guess it behoves us to avoid splitting at all if we can't be pretty confident that we aren't going to stall, though.