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what's your proudest moment?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. i got from glebe to mobile killara [work] in 7.5 minutes at 5am on a kwaka zepha 750

    what's your proudest moment?

  2. Bacchus Marsh to PI in 1hr:55mins in the cage towing the track bike last week for the track day when my alarm didn't go off. That was pretty good. :oops:

    Xmas tree to the 400m mark in 11.9secs in my ute, that was pretty proud moment :grin:

    140kmh past a cop car, red & blue lights go on, triway floors it, pulls into a side street and watches the cops go flying past, THAT was a proud one, however painful the blows from then girlfriend being inflicted were :LOL:
  3. I get alot of proud moments but the latest was done a couple weeks ago.

    I wheelied between 2 trucks at 80km/h and the gap was around....well i'd say give a 5cm gap between the trucks and my mirrors, in other words it was a really small gap. :twisted:

    The thing that sucked the most about this was, that there wasn't any other riders around just a bunch of freaked out cagers.
  4. triway wrote
    that reminds me;

    after going thru a red arow the sirens went off. i pulled over but was given some advice from a fellow motorbike near by. he was right, it is really easy when you're on a bike :LOL:
  5. The day I got my pilots license. Havent had anything top that feeling yet.

    Actually no, correction. My very first solo flight. THAT is the proudest moment of my life so far!
  6. My place (northmead) to town hall in 17 Mins, along Victoria road.
  7. My proudest moment was and still is, to be a part of the motorcycle community. Aww...hugs and kisses for everyone!
  8. Lol 200ks an hour average
  9. Winning our class in the 24hr LeMinz scooter race with Mars and Eswen.

    I was over the moon just to participate, we had the best set up there,
    a marquee, big gas heater, Banga provided moral and technical support along with brother G as our osteopath and oodles of fellow netriders cheering us on right through the night.

    The celebrity team from NOVA FM piked it at about 1am... sooks.

    The final lap arrived and it was all over, we were told we came 3rd in our class, happy to just make it to the end we did the photo shoot and presentation thing then packed up and went home exhausted, only to discover a couple of hours after a count back, we had actually won!!!

    Disappointed the LeMinz isn't being held in Melbourne this year, I was really looking forward to doing it all again.
  10. first eh?

    so from the moment you came 3rd to the moment you got home a couple o teams were busted for drugs eh?

    now, you wouldnt have had anything to do with it would you caz? :?

    :LOL: :LOL:
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  11. in my finest benny hill german style accent....
    * I say nooootthhhiinngggg *

    :p :LOL:
  12. Hey HTF were you able to afford that? :shock: :cool:

    Got a plane you can take me for on a joy flight on? :grin:
  13. Must admit I got moist eyes with each of our 4 newborns. :cool:

    Next most proudest moment have to be doing Prep twice & not
    give up going on to finish primary schooling I guess.
  14. Been doing it since i was 14 or 15. Got an afterschool job and basically saved my ass off to have 1 flying lesson every 3 or 4 weeks. Was weird, I could legally fly a plane on my own before i could legally drive a car or ride a bike on my own. I did it over time tho. Slowly.

    Take ya flying? Sure. Just gotta wait till the weather gets a lil better/more reliable.
  15. Man, thats a great achievement bud. Something definately to be proud

    As for a joy flight, thats something I've never had the pleasure of doing..
    Until now LOL [​IMG]

  16. i got three
    1) my daughter telling me that i am the best dad in the whole world, for no apparent reason and well before fathers day a wwek or so ago :grin:
    2) knocking my wife up the first time (impregnating her - for those who may read that incorrectly ;) ) 'twas some good shootin' :LOL: and of course the whole child building process. all makes a man very proud :)
    3) winning my first inter-pcyc fight, and it was against a dude that was 17foot tall :shock: :blackeye:
  17. On the bike, it'd be completing 11 laps around Phillip Island in 19m35s, which includes starting from, and finishing in, pit lane, and includes 2 laps spent getting the tyres up to temperature 'cos I don't have tyre-warmers.
  18. 1) after finally finishing my Hornet, taking it out for my first ride & having about 20 people stop on either bikes or in cages & say 'man that is one hot looking bike! (i'm a girl, i'm allowed to be vain!)

    2) taking Delamere rd at 140-160kph the entire way, not slowin down/breaking for anything, and having my dad say to me "hey you were riding really smoothy there! took those corners great!" Meant a lot to me.
  19. Driving from Ringwood to the Royal Childrens Hospital (parked and inside) in 20 minutes at 5.30pm on a week night. It's one of those times when tunnel vision takes over. When it comes to the safety of your children anythings possible.
  20. Boxing Day, 1070, seeing a friend off on her honeymoon, I drove an FJ Holden from the International Terminal (ship, Circular Quay), to Arncliffe in exactly 7 minutes! Of the 44 sets of traffic lights I encountered, 42 of them were green as I apporached them, or turned green as I was about to hit the line!!!