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What's your opinion on this bike ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 87crisis, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. I ask this as after missing out on two tyga kitted rvf's that were for sale for around 9k each I've come back to this....


    My question is most rvf's are expected to have run thru the clock once already or be one of the lucky few that simply weren't ridden much back in the motherland (no one can know for sure really) i love the paint job n rims on this thing and want to take a Rvf on for a few years as I've finally reached the point where I cannot kid myself any further....I want more power...but is 80 thousand kilometres on a grey import something I should run away from?

    Upkeep prices like insurance and sourcing parts isn't a issue so don't bother suggesting other bikes as I'm talking about rvf's alone...and asking right now about this one as I refuse to pay 8k or more for one.

  2. Bloody exxy for what it is. You can get an 06 cbr600 for that kind of coin
  3. Lams limited.
  4. For everyday use, yes.
    If you're buying it as a classic, then no. Although there's far, far better bikes you could buy as a collectable.

    It's not just the cost of parts you need to consider, but the fact you may have to wait months for them to arrive. Not a problem if you have some other means of getting around, but extra power won't mean much when you're sitting on the bus.
  5. Contain your impatience until you're not?
  6. Got the lowlux for day to day life....this next bike will simply be a toy but like sydmadass has mentioned to me that perhaps its the kwaka gods giving me a sign I shouldn't touch a Honda and betray them
  7. Is four strokes. Is too many strokes. Is no good. :p

    Nah I'm shit-hot on those RVFs. Expensive, but they all are. When I was looking at my current bike there was an RVF next to it for $8k. A dealer would be bargained down so private seller damn well should be too!
  8. Just found one with 40 thou ks on it for 5k ....I will break this guys phone calling him to find out if he still has it....only thing I'd like to change (why I like the tyga kitted ones) is the air intakes but at 5k I can tackle that later if need be
  9. It think there's an extra 0 on the end of that price.
  10. You can buy a bloody good motard for $7800. Which will probably be faster in real world.
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  11. RVF400 are overpriced...but they are a good bike. Heavy but flickable and pretty damn fun on the race track :).
  12. but.. you can't go 217 km/h on yr licence... :rofl:

    This one's nicer lookin...

    1993 Kawasaki ZXR 400

  13. But not as nice as this
    1996 Suzuki RF400R
  14. not called spewzuki for nothing....

    just my humble opinion. not to be construed as containing any substance or fact
  15. honestly never been a fan of suzuki's and after doing some research ....the zxr is a better bike overall and should be easier to work on if problems arise + parts readily available via the bucketloads of them in the uk

    only issue there is finding one for sale here - i was honestly considering looking at sumoto before with the rvf's they have on offer....i knew i shouldn't...but impatience is a biatch - common sense told me to do a search and re-read some of the threads on here regarding sumoto and that thought was put to bed
  16. also out of curiousity - yes they've been hammered around...but if i can pick one up for a hell of alot cheaper how much hassle would it be + how much would be a rough estimate on cost to convert a track bike back to road registered
  17. The ZXR400 isn't LAMs approved though - just ZZR400.

    Only other legal fully-faired 4-cylinder options are one of these:

    Or one of these:
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  19. FZR400 isn't legal either.

    Ducati 400 doesn't offer that much more in the way of engine performance than a Japanese 250 (not considering what Italian reliability and build quality was like in the 80's).