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Whats your opinion on a Laro Regal 250cc?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by chunkz, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. I have tried searching this forum.
    I have tried searching google.

    There is not much I can find on this bike, however it seems a little to good to be true (somewhat like a Pagsta).

    Its $4,500 odd with a 2 year unlimited km warranty.

    Bikes site: http://www.laro.com.au/index.php

    for sale here: http://www.tradingpost.com.au/Automotive/Motorbikes-ATVs/Road-Bikes/AdNumber=D3018100280230


    Any opinions or advice would be good.

    Also, I will be going for my learners soon.
    This bike will be a mix between daily rider and only couple of times a week.

  2. They are not quoting a horsepower figure on their website.

    I guess all the normal rules apply for all other chinese bikes, if the dealer is stable, close by and reliable, you might be ok for parts. That is always the biggest issue. Otherwise have a look at the quality of the components.

    $4500 is about ball park for most chinese 250s so I guess it is an ok price.

    I would be worried about parts if it was my only ride. The problem with getting the first of anything is that you get to iron out the bugs and as there isn't many around they don't bring parts in to the country so you have to wait. If you don't need it for work then no issue I guess.

    You are a bit stuck as there are really few japanese alternatives in cruisers. You sure you want a cruiser? Something like a Honda CB250 a few years old has a similar engine and would be about the same price.
  3. yeah, problem is, it really depends on a lot of stuff, I may be moving away from mrs for work reasons, so she gets the car whilst im gone .etc .etc

    The main reason why I would like this, is just the 'safeness' behind a warranty.
    Every 2nd hand car I have ever gotten has failed me, so I am a nervous buyer now
  4. Technical Specifications
    Engine type Twin cylinder water cooled four stroke
    Cylinder capacity 234cc
    Bore x stroke 53mm x 53mm
    Compression ratio 10.2 : 1
    Starting method Electric
    Transmission 5 speed gearbox. Chain drive.
    Clutch Hand operated, wet multi - plate.
    Ignition Coil CDI
    Battery 12v
    Tyres F <> R Tubeless 90/90 - 18 <> 130/90 - 15
    Suspension F / R 37mm Dia. Tele’ forks - twin oil damped adjustable shocks
    Brakes F / R Disc / drum
    Fuel tank capacity 14 litres (3 imp. gal)
    Seat height 70cm (27.5”)
    Wheel base 1,570mm (62”)
    Max net power (approx) 14.8kW (20hp)
    Kerb weight 180kg.
    Max permissible load 330kg.
    Warranty 2 years unlimited kilometers warranty
  5. Warranties only insure you against the cost of a breakdown.

    You could get an inspection on a second hand bike as well done if you are worried. Probably a good idea anyway.
  6. Personally, I would buy any second hand japanese 250 over a chinese bike that hasn't really been tested yet.
  7. damit,
    the worst thing about asking advice here, its never the advice I want.

    valued none the less, but for once, I want to find a great deal
    and have everyone say 'awesome!'.

    hah, but thanks for the reply, so late at night?
  8. you'd be mad not to buy a virago/vstar 250 or intruder 250 even if it had 20k on it over one of them

    the intruder 250 imho is the better of the three then the Vstar
  9. Something else to consider is while the Laro is a low cost alternative to entry level motorbikes, I seriously doubt you will get much in resale when you finally decide to upgrade to that long awaited dream bike.

    but than again that's a future worry, and you need a bike now..

    good luck and happy hunting
  10. Where would the hunter thing fall in by comparison?
  11. Hunter Spyder costs like $7500 ride away excluding pillion pegs and backrest whereas the Laro is $4500 ride away include pillion stuff. But IMO the Hunter Spyder looks heap nicer but abit over-priced and its not a V-twin. Reading from the review on Laro from cycle torque the makerof Laro understand the problems with Chinese made bikes and strived to cure the common problem with the typical low standard of chinese quality control. I personally bought a Benelli Scooter which is Chinese made but surprisely was very reliable giving the competitive price it offered. The era of Poor Chinese made stuff is soon to come to an end and once their quality control goes up, more things will be made in China and its an ineviable change. Mind ya I am also looking into getting a Laro as a commuter so more info would be better.
  12. That might or might not be true in the future; personally I think China is a large country and while it will eventually produce some quality stuff there will always be room there for cheap and shoddy work. But this is then. In the present, for some $4,000 I'd get a lightly used CB250 which will perform just as well but was built in Japan and will be absolutely bulletproof. (speaking from experience!)
  13. The other problem for Chinese imports is the Yaun will soon have to be corrected. Which will mean in the order of a 25% increase in price. At that a lot of them will simply disappear from the market because they will be so close to the opposition that the risk on quality is just not worth it.
  14. 43 results on Bikesales for a VTR250 under 5 grand, 27 for the CB250, 59 for the GPX250, 48 x ZZ-R250, just for a few quick examples.
    Also throw in a few of the Honda CB250F and Yamaha Scorpio for lightweight bulletproof singles that start from about a same or lesser new price and go down from there.

    Also a 180kg kerb weight for a 250 sounds more like Lardo than Laro, unfortunately. That suggests a pretty lethargic performer before you get into the other afore-mentioned issues.
  15. Does the two year warranty mean anything to you guys at all?

    I am looking at it from an inexperienced perspective, however 2 years unlimited K's sounds good right?

    Does it mean they're confident with their product?
    Im not looking for the best looking bike, or the fastest.
    Something for me to drive 10-20minutes to work...

    and maybe a couple of hours drive every so often!
  16. Its a roll of the dice i guess with buying something that a bit out of the ordinary and a lot of people are not prepared to do that .
    I did the same thing when i first started riding I bought an MZ 250 because it was cheap, ugly and slow compared to the jap equivalent and the second hand 250 around the same money where just sh#t . Anyway I rode it everywhere to work and back through the week then Sydney to Newcastle nearly every weekend and to rallies . I had a few issues nothing major just annoying things but that help me learn how to fix things . All in all it was a great little bike that I still own today and will never sell .
    Take one for a ride and see how it feels
  17. It sounds pretty good but I think a bike that doesn't break down in the first place would be better still... and what you say about intended use still would suggest CB250 is perfect for you.

    Still, it seems your heart is set on this bike so just go ahead and get it! It's only 4 grand in the end... And I understand very well the appeal of getting something brand new instead of second hand! Laro are new to motorcycle sales but they have been importing leathers for years and have good reputation in this area. They certainly should had a good grasp on issues and dealing with third world suppliers since their leathers are made in Pakistan.
    Just make sure you sell the bike before the warranty runs out.
  18. My heart isn't set yet...
    I felt the same about the Pagsta, but a harsh reception from this website on Pagsta, I have decided to stay away. I did ride a CB250 at the hart school in Melbourne a few years back. I loved it, I am still just scared of an old bike breaking down and leaving me at work/home.
  19. The two year warrantee doesn't mean much. Firstly it was probably initiated from marketing, rather than Engineering and secondly if the parts supply is like Hyosung, then you'll only get one shot at getting repairs done in two years anyway.
  20. That's a $4.5k I *wouldn't* take.

    As per above, the warranty means nothing if there are no parts / dealers to service it. What's it like to ride? What's it like to own? Yeah, I don't know either and I doubt many would. Mind you many can vouch for higher quality second hand learner bikes that won't loose much resale come upgrade time.