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what's your most embarrising moment?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. mine was the day i was crossing the road with my ear phones on

    and as i was 1/2 way across the road the other pedestrians stopped mid stride and stared at me. i looked behind and those behind me were staring at me too

    then i realized i just farted

    now, because i had my earphones going i couldnt hear it but it was obviously loud :LOL:

    what's yours?
  2. :LOL: :LOL:

    How can you not realise when you drop one?

    You wouldve had to have pushed it out with force as well :LOL:
  3. :LOL: , well, i knew i farted, and yes, i did drop it out with some pressure, but i didnt hear a sound and thought it was a nice quiet riate


    what's yours???

  4. Birth until now. It's been a long moment.
  5. When Mrs Tree's Dad walked in on us one day. We "disengaged" so quick, I don't think he even noticed. Thank God we were under the covers! :LOL:
  6. a police mix-up where i was in the exact wrong place at the exact wrong time and got arrested for indecent exposure. took me to the police station in the divvy van, parents had to come in during the interview, it was just a comedy of me trying to explain how this was just a simple case of me being the wrong place at the wrong time and that no, it wasn't me parading around the streets naked. Yes, I know the description fits me, but i didn't do it!! Not even my mother believed me!

    got out after a couple of hours with a warning....... :cool:
  8. When my housemate (at current) said I needed to oil my bed........ this morning.... :oops:
  9. walking out of a nightclub at 2am, falling flat on my ass on the slippery wet footpath... and I was sober :oops:

    damn new shoes in the wet :(
  10. Tell him he needs to louder stereo :wink:

    Tell ya what's worse, when your mum pulls you to one side the morning after and whispers it to you. Definitely... utterly... embarassing
  11. eeewwWWW!! that's sick man.
    :LOL: :rofl:
  12. Nah, when she says she needs to oil HER bed is waaaaaaay worse!
  13. OMG, you just reminded me of another...

    When I was with my ex, we once heard her mother going for it with a fella she'd met at the pub! :shock:
  14. Mine would also have to be letting one drop but it was on a flight. I figured I'll be right, a nice quite one...turned out to be the loudest fart I'd ever done lol. EVERYONE turned and looked and it wasn't like I could run and hide somewhere as it was only 1/2 way through an international flight, I'd never seen my (ex)girlfriend so embarrassed before lol.
  15. Must have been a cheek-slapper stump. Lucky you didn't follow through. That would really give them something to stare at.
  16. i'll play.

    here's one:

    soooooooo much to write on this but i'll keep it short.

    2002, atop a mountain with a glimpse of lake tahoe in the distance i had asked a HAWT leggy gal i had befriended that season and got on like wildfire with, if i could kiss her.

    nothing like a few fast kms of freshly groomed to get over the rejection.

    we later drowned (MY) sorrows in the bar later that day.

    story of my life!
  17. My mother coming into my room w/out knocking when
    having a tug.

    Magazines were strewn on the floor.

    She lost her mind.. screaming at me whilst ripping up
    all the pages.
  18. .. spelling 'embarrassing' wrongly...
  19. Andoni, mate, just so you know, i am a woman and i would have been VERY proud of you that day.

    roger wrote
    CHEEK SLAPPER??? :LOL: you got a cool word for EVERYTHING rog!!! im gunna have to provide a list for you to repace with 'cool words'

    howz this one [just picked up today] another word for snot/boggers



    and paul, that must av been really awful for you!!! there there, there there. thank GOD nothing like that ever happened to me :LOL:

    cheers :cool:
  20. Jax, you wouldn't have a poo fixation, would you?