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Whats your longest?!?!?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BoogieMan, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. I got all the way from the Nepean Hwy to the eastern Freeway along springvale Road... Without touching my feet down once!!!....

    I always love it when that happens..... and it led me to think that there must be some decent distances amoungst us...... we'd have to seperate them into two catogaries.....

    City and suburbs



    If you think you've gone further... tell us all about it!!!!!!!
  2. I usually put my gloves on at the lights after I get out the work carpark (due to the fumbling with car park pass). Once I left a bit early and got all the lights, got home without having a chance to put them on - cold fingers. About 15kms, nothing special though.
  3. fark....Must be at least.... about 6/700kms...
  4. Raymond Terrace to Walcha, via Stroud, Glouster and Barrington. Fair enough it isn't city riding but it still is about 240 kays. Only reason for stop NEED MORE FUEL.

  5. Oh yeah i forgot about fuel... about 280kms then at best.... :oops:
  6. Since i moved to Sydney i think the longest ive prolly gone is 1k :evil:

    I hate the fcuking traffic!!!
  7. I once got, in morning peak hour, all the way from home in Mordialloc and travelling along the Nepean Hwy and Kings Way to Park St in Sth Melbourne. Not a foot down or the bike coming to a stop from me leaving the garage all the way to Park St. I was impressed :) Have yet to achieve it again, or even come close, but I still casually strive to beat it one day :)
  8. tollgates on the M5 to a petrol station about 20 mins out of cooma - thank god for motorway and bypasses :D
  9. Are you supposed to put your feet up?

    But that would put all the weight on the little outside wheels at the back!

  10. Once you learn how to balance you can take them off :p :LOL:
  11. Your feet?
  12. Outer Eastern-Eildon-Jamieson-Mansfield-Whitfield-Oxley-Bright-across Hotham-Omeo-Bairnsdale (with a few little detours :D )
    A tad under 500km total, stop for fuel with about 1/4 liter left.
    Bike: XT600 with 22 liter Ascerbis long-range tank.
  13. City/suberbia: Home- Frankston freeway- springvale rd- princes- blackburn - ferntree gully rd - work. Normal ride time at 4:30 am = 30-35min... with all lights green and speeding :) 15min!!! (total distance 31km)

    Touring: Monash freeway/waverly rd- through the tunels over the westgate around to hume and up and up to NSW border... GT550 run dry in Albury wodonga?? Very sore botom....

  14. The 'little outside wheels' ....... :p :LOL: :LOL: