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Whats your Favourite/Dream Bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MattyB, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. i searched the forums with a couple of different keywords, couldn't find anything

    so, i'm wondering - what is everyones favourite, ultimate, dream, omg, bike?

    if you can, add a photo with it to share what makes you thrust
  2. For quite a long time i've been eyeing off these smooth as silk babies.... the fully enclosed fairing really tickled my fancy too, so sleek and sexy. And the engine runs like its battery powered in the sense that its so freakin' quiet with such brute yet smooth power delivery.

    Once you're doing above 80kph in top gear you cant even hear the engine anymore... just the wind rushing past you..

    And now i'm the extremely proud owner of one :grin: :-


    But staying on track with the thread topic... a new Super Blackbird would be nice :)
  3. I know there was a thread along these lines.
    What I had to post was my idea of perfect.
    I like the idea of a Super sports geometry, but a slightly more relaxed saddle shape.
    I am really impresed with the Trimph Daytona 675
    Something along the lines of this would be perfect...
  4. My ultimate bike would be one that I could sell for a shitload of money so I can buy lots and lots of "just good to great" bikes.

  5. +1 thier HOT :grin:
  6. I second that!

    I would like a Suzuki GS500F please Santa...... :wink:
  7. I have ridden one of these babies. Smooth as silk. I really liked it except for the stupid linked brakes which were down right evil :LOL:

    They are a great bike for there age and you could probably do 63 million kays in a day on it with pillion and luggage. Top buy!
  8. Sleddog ake a closer look at the pic...
    That is not a stock 675...
    I have made some modifications to make it what i would like...
    Unfortunately I have made them in paintshop instead of on the real thing.
  9. Can you paintshop it Yellow and i will take one ,thanks.


    I just payed my bike off and need a new loan ,i got to support the banks and the share holders.

  10. I'm still pretty new to the whole thing, but I like Ninja's, so for now the ZX6RR (636) in the limited edition paintwork but with matt black and silver/grey flames rather than champagne with red flames.
  11. Without riding any, I would say I want wish a passion - the Suzuki GSXR600, but that has yet to be seen as I have to get my license and then test ride a few rides first.

    But yeah, Gixxer 600 it is atm. Or maybe an R1, they look nice too. :)
  12. Triumph Speed Triple... :cool:


    Kawasaki ZX-10R :cool:

    mmmmmm dream bikes....

    Considering that (a) I haven't got a bike, (b) haven't done my L tests (booked for two weeks) and (c) do not have a full time job, its going to be a long time until either of these bikes are parked in my driveway. :LOL:
  13. I want the 800cc gp bike honda willbe realeasing in the next couple of years. But I dont reckon we will ever see them in Aus cause they are way to quick for our regulators to allow in. Did anybody catch the specs they had in AMCN I think it was 200 odd bhp at 150 kgs not bad. So that is my dream and will probably remain so :cry: :cry: :wink:
  14. If it had to be just one bike to be used regularly, probably the BMW K1200S.

    But as a plaything for sunny Sunday mornings and trackdays, a 675 (in British Racing Green) would be fine, thanks!
  15. [img:450:335:c7d6291199]http://www.dippold-racing.de/hrcss/images/nsr500v_2001_01.jpg[/img:c7d6291199]

    Say no more.
  16. Doesn't get any better than this :grin:

  17. Hub Centre Steering at its best mate. Read Alan Cathcart's track report in the last AMCN for details. HCS is the best technology that the major manufacturers have never adopted, total separation of the steering and suspension functions.