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What's your favourite beer?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ad91on, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. ^^see title.

    I tend to go between a few, prefering a nice ale to a lager along the lines of james squire's golden ale and little creatures bright ale, but depending on how i'm feeling can favour anything from pilsner to stout.

    but forced to choose... the james squire gold ale will dominate.


  2. James Squire Golden. Or little creatures.
  3. Little Creatures pale ale (I prefer it to the bright).
    I also like most of the James Squire beers, especially the golden.

    I like some of the Gippsland Grand Ridge range too, plus those from a few other small local brewers. Generally an ale is an order of magnitude better than anything else, but a lager or pilsener does the job on a warm day.

  4. I try not to pick favourite brews, but for an all rounder I do love a bit of coopers pale.

    Or Duvel, if you're into imported wintery sipping beers. Try it... Its good ;)
  5. For hot days my absolute fave is Hoegaarden. I usually tend to go and stand in front of the cabinet of imports and smaller brewers and pick whatever I feel like. But my bulk tipple (not that I ever have more than about 3 at a sitting) is Toohey's Extra Dry.

    (But I never really met a beer I didn't like - even VB can be choked down in extreme situations.)
  6. I have to agree, there is the "having a beer" beer, and then the "getting on the piss" beer.

    And toohey's extra dry (or TEDS if you're a little bit bogan, like me) are a pretty good option for those occasions. Also see tooheys new, hahn superdry (leaves you feeling less obese) and some dirt cheap imported beers (anyone seen oettinger? its $40 for a slab of 24X500ml cans - thats cheap) are good for 'bulk' drinking.

    Mind you, you wouldn't drink some of those in your right mind...
  7. It's not the beer, it's how it's earned.

    You've been working in the yard for a full day, during the high heat of summer.

    Your missus appears from the house in a bathing suit and a single beer on a serving tray.

    That beer is going to be the best in the world.
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  9. Hoegaarden eh Bravus?

    For some reason this tastes like pineapple to me. No idea why.
  10. I must agree, i get a bit of a funk from hoegaarden. I find the beer unusually cloudy in its appearance and when i drink it, it feels like i'm getting beer stuck in between my teeth; it's strange.

    however as a homebrewer, i f****** love the bottles; they're simply awesome. Them, and grolsch swingtops.
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  12. Monteiths Summer ale Linky
  13. I fear no beer
  14. James Squire makes some great beers but the Golden Ale is the only one that doesn't do it for me. It's too citrus-ey (for want of a better word). Their Amber Ale is much better. Coopers Pale Ale poured out of keg in a nice cold glass would have to rate highly as well.
  15. Hoegaarden or Shofer Hoffer (hefeweizen)
  16. I'm suprised by the love for James squire. I think it's been in steady decline for the past 5-7 years as it becomes more Tooheied.

    It's hard to find and it sounds like an import but it is very good and Australian:
    St Arnou Pilsner

    They do other beers and they are good examples too, but the Pilsner does it for me.
  17. kingfisher beer (though not the aussie stuff) the stuff that is made in india =P~
  18. Mildura Brewery Honey wheat.
  19. Yes, that is true, but at least it has been a slow decline, unlike Fat Yak which suffered possibly the quickest commercialisation-inspired decline of all time.

    I agree with the Cooper's Pale Ale appreciation. Although I haven't touched it for years, I have also done my share of VB (and I don't mean Visual Basic).

  20. Of the common brands here, James Squire amber ale definitely earns the mark.

    Some other stuff around the world that sticks in my mind:

    Rochefort - only "real" trappist stuff I've tried. Those monks have the brewing art down.
    Samuel Adams Boston Ale & Lager - American & "good beer" don't usually go together, but these guys really do brew excellent stuff.
    Beer Lao - Nice & smooth. I favor brown beer, but this one's really good.
    Asahi - really is super dry. Goes down well with sushi.
    Big Rock Trad Ale - out of Alberta, Canada

    But I'm not some total beer snob either -- on a hot summer day, any light lager or a pilsener will do just fine.