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Whats your favorite Motorbike!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lil Man, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,
    What would be your favorite motorbike and why? It can be a concept, a bike you always dream of or even your own bike... I have to say that the MV Agusta Tamburini is an AWESOME looking bike! :cool: All the gold on it makes you drool! :LOL:

    Cheers Lil Man

  2. The MV Agusta Tamburini or Sienna get my vote as Drool machines. However, on a dream bike/upgrade note mine is as follows:

    Kawasaki Z1000

    * Braided Brake Lines
    * Exhaust
    * PCIII
    * Air filter
    * Belly pan w/ spot lights
    * Dark tinted screen
    * Steering Dampner
    * Upgrade Fork Internals
    * Brushed Alloy Sliders
    * Anodized bolt Kit (hex where Applicable)
    * 12 Bar

    Then is what i have in my head so far anyhow
  3. Yeah, they have an Awesome stealth look about them... Love them in orange, green and Black! :cool:
  4. man i wouldnt mind this bike either... for my sunday cruise...
    but a fully worked 1L jap bike would be sweet as well
  5. Postie bike,CT110,pure grunt baby
  6. Should stick a V-Twiner in it! :LOL:
  7. MV Agusta F4 Tamburini here too or a Duke 999

    But more realistically it'd be a brand new showroom Gixxer with heaps of mods.
  8. I was watching some show on The Discovery Channel the other day about the Top 10 Motorcycles of all time... #1 Honda Cub! :LOL: They put fish and chip oil in the bike... The guy thought it ran better then normal oil and he droped the bike off a top of a building... He went to start the bike and believe it or not, it started with 1 kickstart! :LOL:
  9. 2003 or later R1 or the hayabusa.
    both for their looks
    one for it's agility and street weapon style
    one for it's jet aircraft like speed and aerodynamics
  10. My dad use to have a 2001 Black & Silver Hayabusa! IT was an awesome looking bike, i'm spewing he sold it! He also had a customised Duke Monster, Gixxer 750 and a BMW R1200C Independent!
  11. mv agusta brutale 750 in red (the original and best brutale!)...

    or, the new bimota concebt 'delirio' looks damned sexy....
    Need to know more about it before it replaces the brutale though :grin:

    the z1000 makes it into the top 10....
  12. dont lie ur fav bike is the hondarilla vtr 250 :grin: in black
  13. well... it does look like the mini monster!!! :LOL:
  14. Hmmmm, too many to choose from, maybe I'll put a couple that make me moist....

    1. Bimota SB8 (TL1000 Suz engine)

    2. Mondial Piega (SP1 Honda engine)

    3. Kawa '95 ZXR750 with all TKA bits (loved mine)

    4. Any of the big 4 1000's in SBK trim

    5. Any Jap 450 motocrosser
  15. Without question it would have to be the Yoshimura 1135R Katana. All the good looks of a Katana (in sexy black) but with far greater performance. Just a shame they're frighteningly expensive and essentially unavailable outside of Japan :(.
  16. in my list too!
    What a freakin hot bike... I vote is best paint job ever.
    Black/red/white? Or just black and white? Dilema.
  17. all that an that mouthwatering smell :LOL: :roll: :roll: :roll:

    Cheers Ash

    Oh and by the way
    A V1000 Britten