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What's Your Favorite Microbrew?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Justin Stacks, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I live in Sydney and I have to say that Three Sheets from The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel is just superb! Best Australian Pale Ale I have tasted thus far! You can also buy it in bottles and enjoy at home. Another good one is Nelson's Blood, but unfortunately it's on tap only.

    What are some of your favorite micro-brews? :beer:
  2. White Rabbit Dark Ale, mmmmmm.
  3. Hardly a micro brewery, just a rebadged creatures beer.
  4. Which one?

    I personally think Three Sheets test much better than Little Creatures Pale Ale.
  5. There is a new brewery in Newtown, very close to me, called Young Henry's. I'm mainly interested because they are so close, yet the universe doesn't seem to want me to have that experience because every time I try to get me some Young Henry's, something gets in the way... when I try to visit the tasting room they supposedly have on premises, it's closed. When I try to find it in a bottle shop, they look at me strange. When I try to get it on tap, they don't have any... this has been going on for a couple of months now!
  6. Go to roxbury in forest lodge. They have some on tap.
  7. The Red Oak Baltic Porter is probably the tastiest Australian craft beer I have ever tried.

    Just saw this article:
  8. Have you tried it - any good?

    Yep, nice one. I had a few when in Tassie. It's not terribly common here but it can be found in Sydney too, if you try.
  9. Surely one of the main points of craft beers is not to have a favourite but to try a variety of different styles and versions of styles.

    But there is a heap of good stuff out there.
  10. If I try a good one I'll buy it again but that wont stop me trying others. Everyone's tastes are different so there's no real best. Beers are usually judged according to how true to that particular style they are and their quality as a beer in general.
    The thing with micobrews is that each batch can be different to the last just like how a particular vintage of a certain wine can be better than another. I wouldn't right any microbrew beer off from a single sample or session. There's also a lot of other variables that could change how a beer goes down on a particular tasting or session, e.g. how it is served, what food you have eaten, how thirsty you are, what other alcoholic beverages you have had at the time etc etc.
    favourite - a person or thing regarded with especial preference or liking
    and that for me is definitely any of the Moo Brew beers, they are consistently good and fine examples of their particular style.
  11. Go to the markets hotel at the Sydney markets on the weekends, the wheat beer is to die for. American Pale Ale,Choc Porter Rich & Dark,Paddy's Award Winning Pilsner,Summer Seasonal Ginger Beer,Seasonal Dunkel German Style Dark Lager,Belgian Dubbel.. The whole kit and kaboodle. Let the missus loose at the markets and sit in comfort to sample the wares. Dont forget the sober rider/driver.