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What's your favorite bike shop?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by removed-6, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. We seem to have lots of threads about how BAD this shop or that one is. Tell us where is your favorite bike shop and why?

    Me, well I'm still fairly new to the bike scene so can't say with much evidence, but the two shop I have always been treated great are Racway Suzuki in Keilor Rd and Citywest(?) Yamaha in Hoppers crossing.

    Perhaps we can get a list of businesses that are "recommended by a member" rather than the don't go there list.

  2. For me, it's Moto One and Zagame.
    Although Metro Ducati have had a change of pace lately. The new owners seem pretty :cool: .
  3. My favourite shop is Mick Hone Motorcycles, Box Hill..( or is it Mont Albert?)
    They have been great to deal with over the years...:)
    Recently I bought a bike from Jeffrey Honda, Ferntree Gully and they seem quite good.
    Don't know about bike shops here in Hobart yet!!
  4. I like CMC (Canberra Motorcycle Centre) for drooling over most bikes and gear, Gecko for Ducatis, TJ's for advice and tyres, and I'm seeing what the bike's like after the service at Axle's today.
  5. Good luck although being a woman might help you a bit at horizon :wink:

    As for victoria, New world honda in berwick have always looked after me since day one and I honestly wouldnt go anywhere else, this is why I will never own an R1 cause they dont sell em up there :wink: :grin:
  6. I like Floyd Parkes, they've treated me well,
    and Redwing, if not for the pretty grrl working, but they did okay by me on their service. :]
  7. Any outside of Melbourne seem pretty good, maybe not for range but service is generally excellent since a bad reputation in a country town/city will kill a business very quickly. Dealt with dealers in Bendigo, Horsham and of course Ballarat and haven't had any real complaints (apart from the time it can take some things to get done). Have friends who also recommend the Suzuki/Ducati dealer in Geelong (the one that isn't Peter Stevens).
  8. I like the one I work for. :):):)
    my bike has never run better than now.
  9. I use Budget Bikes in Yagoona in Sydney they are good and currently my bike is at Mototech 91 in Smithfield great guys there very friendly and helpful.
  10. Fraser Motorcycles, Newcastle NSW

    Very good service, good bikes, good gear and good mechanics.
  11. Aitkens is good for getting repairs and stuff
  12. For Repairs : Performance Bikes and Watercraft
    For Other Stuff: Bikemart

    Both with netrider discounts ;)
  13. Motorcycle City, Victoria Park, Perth. Not so much in their own right, but because of a bloke called Jeff Payne manages it. I have done business with him at every dealership he has worked for since about 1990. He is just a top bloke, no bull, no blah, just the straight goods, oh, and he always does me a killer deal.
  14. AJ's in Shepparton. I went out of my way to deal with them after being ignored by PS Ringwood(with cash in my pocket) when I wanted to buy a 2005 Speed Triple sight unseen!

    Brett at AJ's was FANTASTIC to deal with. Nil hiccups from his end, gave me all the info I wanted/needed etc. etc.
  15. I must admit Redwing was awesome on the service last night, some very helpful peopple, very approachable and genuine help given
  16. Ive always had excellent service at Raceway Suzuki.. If they are busy its not uncommon to get offered a cupa coffee/tea..

    Mick Hones is another shop I frequent regularly for parts and advice. All the staff I have dealt with have a clue and really helpful.. They have also talked me out of buying stuff I didnt need or wouldnt work on my bike..

    And off course for accessories you cant go past Bike Mart. Again its there knowledgeable staff and service which puts them ahead of the rest.
  17. Petes Pitstop for service/maintenance, Sharptune in Dandenong for my bits and dribbling over the new Kwaka's.
  18. Sharptune Dandenong, heard some bad 'rumours' about them but they've always been excellent with me.
  19. I've had good dealings with Floyd Parks kawasaki in ferntree gully for gear, and I've mainly had my bike serviced (when I had one) with centralmotorcycles in Huntingdale road. They've always treated me right.
  20. My bike had good service from Floyd Parkes Kawasaki in Ferntree Gully. Vincent G runs the workshop now, a nice no non-sense kind of bloke. Had good experience with the accessories section as well when I was looking for gloves although I didn't buy one from them.