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Whats YOUR fav bit of road?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CodeBlueChick, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Okay kiddies.. what bits of tar do you like doing over and over and over and over again?

    My favs are:
    GOR (hmmmmmmmm twisties)
    Trafalgar to Mirboo Nth
    Toowonga Gap (little to far to just for laps, but yeah :D)

  2. Any road where the rubber bits stay pointing down :p

    but then, I am a "L"ooney plater. :?

  3. when I was up in brizzy, the stock standard Mt nebo and glorious were pretty spectacular. I also frquented some nice industrial areas which were good for getting the pegs onto the ground since there were tight corners but you could see the traffic (what little there was) well in advance.

    in vic aside from the main ones I'm a sucker for Mountain hwy leading up to the tourist route, a few too many cars, but still great fun, plus it was the first road I got the pegs (well, ok my boot) down with a pillion :D
  4. mt donnabuang rd up and over [little dirt involved].
    licola rd to heyfield.
    road to wombat rally from pig and whistle pub [dirt].
  5. .
  6. Mt Donna is a great after work ride ...have had some fun there! :D
  7. The road between Whitfield and Mansfield....excellent fun! Also Apollo Bay to Laver's Hill...........super fast (within the speed limit, of course! :twisted: ).

    I think my MOST favourite road at the moment is the road that runs along the Murray River between Aulbury and Corryong.....MAGIC!

    Also, some of the Tassie roads I've loved are Lake Leake road, Lake Plimsol road, Cradle Mountain and Hellyers Gorge. Also really good somewhere in the middle of nowhere between Queenstown and heading towards Hobart.

    Close to home, I really enjoy Chum Creek road and have finally started to enjoy the Black Spur (only early in the morning or weekdays for me with that one, though!) and also have lots of fun between St Andrews and Yea....not happy about the reduced speed limit through Flowerdale, though :x

    There are heaps of others, but these are the ones that really stick in my head.

    :D :D :D
  8. A loop through the Dolomites (Italy), around 100 Reefton Spurs laid back- to- back...or the extended East-West-Traverse of the Euro-Alps....make that around 400 Reeftons back-to-back with a few nice connecting roads in between :D :D

    The Bonang (Orbost-Delegate) otherwise :)
    ...and the Thunderbolt (Walcha-Gloucester, NSW)
    ...Alpine Way
    ...Great Alpine Rd
    ...Jenolan Caves Road on an early morning (NSW)
    ...the Gwydir/Oxley (nth. NSW)
    ...the road into the Lamington N.P. (sth. Qld)
    ...Eildon-Jamieson Rd. to Big River bridge
    ...the road up the Bunya Mountains from Kingaroy (sth. Qld)

    forgot the names of a few dozen others :oops:
  9. Everywhere in Tasmania :p
  10. Mt Donna Buang is nice, although the road was a bit littered last time I went... the lookout is awesome though :D
  11. Have to agree with you ZX-10, I couldn't find a bad road in Tassie when there lastyear.
    The sooner I get back down there on a bike the better.
  12. the road from Hotham to Omeo is awesome, bit to far to do laps of tho

    Best bit of road to do laps on is Phillip Island race track 8)
  13. I have gotta say my driveway, cuz it means either I am starting out on a ride or I am home at last and can put my feet up.
    either way its a good place to be.
  14. Road from Mansfield to Whitfield is good.

    Great Ocean Road wouldn't be bad with a better surface and less traffic.

    Black Spur has a fantastically smooth surface...

    But for my money, you can't go past Reefton when it comes to an abundance of tight corners.
  15. yeh that road is awesome, a local told me about that road, on my way through NSW, was happy he did coz it was pretty sweet.... :D
  16. For an impromptu arvo ride nothing beats the Christms Hills. From Research thru to Yarra Glen and back, then back to Yarra Glen then back then Yarra Glen then back.....I think you get the point :D

    For a day the spurs are a good ride.
  17. all time fave would be Gorge road and EOH, nothing except for tassie compares to those.
    Here in dullsville, would have to be whitfield to mansfield, and some of the roads around noojee.
  18. any piece of tar heading into a drive through bottle shop
  19. here in nsw australia, old pacific highway up north....stop off for a good burger and drink at mount white cafe.

    overseas? I did a hill climb and descent in north vietnam on a old russian minsk motorcycle......the descent started at 8000 feet to about 100 feet sea level and on a 45 km/h stretch of road this was a lot of fun. climbing back up was great too....wish i could post some pictures. even better was nearly riding over the vietnam-chinese border and not being able to read the signs telling me this. no wonder the border guards were yelling at me until i turned around. lol
  20. Phillip Island MotoGP curcuit.

    No comparison.