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Whats your excuse for going riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Black Betty, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Not that I believe one is needed - but wondered what excuses people have used in the need to go for a ride ...........

    Yesterday I decided I needed to get a new Dog collar for Woofer. There's shops in Healesville - so why not try there. Might as well ride as well as it won't be heavy to carry home! Yellingo & Maccesfield are 2 of my favourite places, so just might ride thro there on the way. Also, wanted to check out the new road surfacing on the Gembrook/Launching Pl road. And whilst I'm that way - might as well go via the Don Valley.

    130km later am home with a shiny red diamante dog collar & a half empty petrol tank :grin:

  2. You have a dog called "Woofer?" That, milady, is a champion's tilt.

    I've always wanted a big stupid dog I could call "donk."

    My excuses for riding go something like "Hey honey, I'm going to go do big wheelies for a while." And then I go do big wheelies. Ah, the simple life.
  3. "Going for a ride honey, back soon, well probably later rather than soon... well see you..."
  4. The only factor that comes into play to go for a ride is.....

    Do I have the time?? :grin:
  5. Hey did you hear that ??? That`s the sound of the door slamming shut behind me , have a nice day. :grin:
  6. Usually, it something like:
    "If you don't give me a break, and I don't get to ride this weekend, I'll quite likely turn into a stir-crazy, psychotic axe-murderer (seen The Shining?). Now, do you want that on your hands? Thank you. Seeya."

    Either that or sneak out before she wakes up :LOL:

    must be the craigieburn air....I do the same thing, except I give my pooch a little pat on my way out....he's the only one I have to make excuses to...awww sorry puppy...I promise I'll bring ya back a surprise :p

    I was reading the thread about bikes and trailers yesterday, I liked the post about the couple that hitched up the dog float...hmm..might have to have a look at getting one myself :LOL: :LOL: :roll: :p
  8. How about:

    "I've just been on holiday without my bike for almost two weeks and now I'm home and I'm going to go for a ride because it's sunny and I'm ready to break under the strain of having spent all that time around great bike roads without mine. Now it's catch up time!"

    Wordy but accurate. :grin:
  9. My favourite is realising that I've only got half a tank of fuel so I may as well fill up - of course it doesn't make sense to fill a tank unless it's empty first :grin:.
  10. Since when di I need an excuse? I just go. :cool:

    Jd, getting fuel can be tricky can't it. For some reason it's a 2km trip to my local servo and a 98km trip back home. :? Must be cause I can't turn right there, so I have to go round the block. :wink: :LOL:
  11. I say "Hey, weather's great did you want to go for a ride today?" and me & my BF jump on our bikes & head out!!

    My dad has to think of excuses though, and he's come up with this one:
    "I'm just popping out to fill up the bike".
    And he does...he fills it up then goes for a 45 min ride. So that when he gets home, the tank is lowish again, and he has an excuse ready for next time..he needs to fill the tank again!
  12. I dont need an excuse, I usually following the GF anyway on her bike.....
    I ride everyday......and ALL day on my days off.
    I need an excuse to stay home.....cant find one....ok seeya...
  13. My problem is trying to get a solo ride in. Only have to look at the bike and she's got her helmet and gloves on..... lol
  14. yes i understand mate... only time i get to ride solo is when i go to work lol
    but i do like her on the back... makes the bike get lower on the twisties
    :grin: :grin:
  15. I need to pick up some food from the Vic market. That's what I've just used.

    Or I need to re-establish balance in my life. :LOL: :cool:
  16. How about "If I don't ride the bike, the battery will go flat"? :wink:
  17. I need to get out there and have some fresh air instead of sitting behind the computer all day (I tell myself it's healthy :LOL:)

    That or i can't be bothered making dinner so i have to go out and get something
  18. when my BF was on restrictions, he told me he had to take his bike around the block otherwise the tyres would develop flat spots.

    Now I try the same argument on him - doesn't work.
  19. Gotta watch these full-time 2-up riders.

    They're used to muscling their overload bike through traffic requiring fine balancing skills with a moving weight on the back, and compensating for less than desirable steering angle and weight distribution.

    Stick them on a bike all alone that now handles properly...
  20. ...got told yesterday that I have a supplier inspection to do in Bayswater Nth today... so that was a trigger to make sure I was on the bike for work today... It looks like a lovely day for a ride from my side of town... might even slip in a mountain hwy blat if I can!