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what's your excuse for coffee nights???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rev, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Although I've been a nR for 12 months(ish)
    I've never made a willy coffee night.

    Only 10km down road but Monday, well, usually work back (OT), kids, other stuff I'm doing.....
    I mean to just doesn't happen.

    What's your excuse for not attending a coffee night.


  2. I was usually busy. So I created my own one ;)
  3. watching replays?


    Mine are piss poor, but I figured there'd be a few who miss out for some reason

  4. Southbank is tooooooo far away! :LOL:

    I'm with Eswen; we started our own in Sydney, and with much perseverence it's now a goer, and great fun. I can't be at every one, but others come when they can too, and it's always enjoyable.
  5. nah ive been lazy lately and havent gone, but sunday is motogp night when its on. Thats what has generally kept me away.

    I should go though, its not that far and i like to ride so....
  6. study, work or go out wif other mates. Plus im 20 and scared of the older pplz on netrider..
  7. No excuses.
    I make some i don't make others.
    Why make excuses over it?
  8. I've only been NR for about 2 months... hoping the go to one coffee night.. but timing is not right.. kids, work, family, dinner, helping the wife out at home etc..

    Is it possible to have supper night instead? I can definately make it after the kids and wife go to bed..
  9. I hate going to coffee nites where no beer is served.
  10. I don't need an excuse. I go to coffee nights. :grin:

    Beer is obtainable at each and every coffee night as far as I'm aware. :wink:

    Eswen goes and she's younger than you. :)

    But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be scared of her. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. I live just down the road from Tuesday night coffee in Boronia, I would love to be able to go but have to work every Tues night. :(
  12. No excuse's for me..... I'm allowed out to play, but as I commute everyday, regardless of weather conditions, the thought of getting out in the cold at night just doesn't grab me like it used to..

    however when the warmer nights get here, that's a different story.
  13. excuse's for me

    Only new here, is good excuse, but don't normally make excuses, lol.
    Livivng in Geelong, makes coffee nights, a bit far away :LOL:

    plus already travel bloody travel geel, melb road several times a day, running own courier business, 4 trips daily is enough for any person. :cool: :p
  14. Because the closest coffee night is about 110kms away :)
  15. muahahaha
    But Im in my 60s! :shock: I dont know what you mean... ;)
  16. work+school+antisocial lol
  17. You poor old duck. You've gone senile. :( :LOL:
  18. Mainly due to spending time with family, or working, or not having a mode of transportation etc.
  19. Tend to agree with Cash a bit. Later would be better for me (up to a point), but it all tends to be fizzling out by the time the kids are settled down. Plus it just isn't all that appealing to get geared up and go out in mid-winter. Maybe summer, then.