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Whats your biggest bike ooh oh ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Mine and it still cracks me up to this day, was the 1990 PI GP ( the one when Wayne gardner won for the second year running )

    Both myself and my mate i went with ( trackside campground )
    got a phone call from our respective wifes at aprox 6.45 on sat evening, started with the usual how is it, you having fun ? you behaving yourselfs ?
    and replied with the usual yes dear going great *not drinking too much* etc etc .
    I should have picked up on the second time around ARE YOU BEHAVING YOURSELFS question !
    Second time, same answer yes dear 8)

    Well then ( mass attitude over the phone ) when you come home, Both you and Wally can sit down here and watch the tape of tonights news. Seems two people who looked like you two, on the same bikes as you two where filmed doing a head to head burnout last night up on some big concrete slab !!!

    :oops: um... oh yeah that would be up where the bands play , forgot about that bit :oops:
    Um BUSTED :oops: :LOL: :oops:

    It was almost a month b4 i got my keys for the bike back after i got home
    ( still got the pics, and the news tape from that night here in the cupboard too )

    :LOL: :p :LOL:

  2. how funny is that. thats priceless. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. You mean you let your WIFE take your bike keys off you for a MONTH? Man -I wouldn't be advertising that on a public forum
  4. didn't mind that much back then
    1: needed a new rear tyre anyway
    2: it was no keys or no sex
    3: She was Dutch and you dont mess with them , Esp when married to one

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Bah. I'm with Roarin - you shouldn't be taking crap like that from no woman, wife or otherwise! :)
  6. Hmm... no keys or no sex...

    I could make a comment here comparing sex and riding... but to save myself from many MORE comments, I shall refrain ;)

    Funny stuff though.

    I've got my own little Bike Oh-Oh.

    It was when I first got the CBR. A friend of mine had a baby Blade, and he was the one that actually urged me into getting a bike. Anyways, I ended up passing my learners on the day, and I called him. He followed me home (I was in the car) and then I dropped the car off and jumped on the bike for my first (legal!) cruise. It was fantastic, as I'm sure you'll all remember. (Except for you VTRBob, you're too old!)

    Out on the highway on the way back to my folks house, there was a panel van doing about 130km/h , so we checked it was clear, and scooted up and past it doing about 170km/h. That was the fastest I'd ever been on a bike at that point.

    Anyways, Mick and I rocked up back at my house and decided to get into a bit of XBox action. I hear a car pull up outside, and go to see who it is. Next thing I know, Mum and Dad step out of the same damn panel van that we flew past at 170 km/h. Turns out Dad had just bought it.

    I'll leave the rest to your imaginations, but I will tell you this...

    I HID MY KEYS! :p
  7. Something similar. Sitting at the lights in Caulfield an turbo-ed Forester pulls up alongside - I think they have a detuned WRX motor. Tinted windows. Goes green and he lights it up - and we drag to the next lights where the passenger side window winds down - it's my dad in his new car. (This is the same bloke who "borrowed" my bike for six months and rode it to work - without a licence.)

    My other indiscretion was taking my sidecar down the wrong side of the Nepean Highway, into the oncoming traffic. I thought I got away with it, until at Friday night coffee, CodeBlueChick comes out with "You should have seen this d1ck driving a sidecar ...etc).
  8. hahahahhahaah f*ck that is good. can't really believe that you let your wife take your bike keys for a month???
    Is this a general things for guys to let the wives act like mums to them?

    hmm sex or bike.... depends how much sex your having... and who with :p :D

    hahaha i'd just be happy that she taped it.

    hahah :D thats pretty good too!!
    my mum would go nuts and end up crying... my dad would probably go get the grinder out :shock: :cry:

    at about 11pm tuesday night me and my cousin did a few burnouts and little fishy's in each car and as we're pulling out of this car park with all the guys in it beepin there horns and still lookin over. he was bout 50m ahead of me as he went round the corner, i come up to the corner hard on the brakes and see him crawling past this cop car that was probably taking note of the smell and smoke still coming of his tires, then they nearly stopped as he drove off and i come round the corner trying not to be too suss, smoke probably still comin of my tires, with my car rolling back and forth cause the suspension is rooted... needless to say that even if they did turn around... we weren't haning round to find out what they wanted to say.

    love it tho..
  9. bob and galdavin, priceless stories. Nothing as exciting for me. Just an aunty who would hide the keys for the trail bike at the farm when we'd had a few drinks - spoil sport.
  10. I have had so much fun reading these stories, they are absolutely priceless. I'm afraid I don't have any "moments" to share at all (guess I've led a fairly sheltered life, eh?)
  11. It was only funny cos I didnt KNOW it was you.. sooo busted :p
  12. Well it wasn't my ooh oh, but I kind of induced it.

    Riding on the Nepean on my way to Mornington to visit the folks.

    Got stopped at a set of lights when this bloke on a litre sports bike pulls up next to me.

    I give him a nod, and a few rev's.....egging him on a little.

    I guess he didn't notice the unmark cop car behind us he lane split past as he smoked me at the lights and i just putted along at the speed limit. 8)
  13. hehe. Did a similar thing a few months back down Geelong way on a VERY rainy night.

    Turned left into the right lane of what was obviously a divided road. Guy drives past me going the wrong way up the divided road honking his horn and flashing his highbeams. I'm like "WTF is his problem". It's about this point that I noticed the round-about ahead, muttered "oh f!#@" to myself and got back in my lane. 8-[

    When I went back and had a look the grass median strip I'd seen with the street on the other side turned out to be an oval. From the position on the other side of the road it just looked like a thin little strip because of the slight curve in the ground. Because I could see the reflectors from the street on the other side of the oval and had nothing to judge the distance by within my headlights my brain just registered it as a divided road.

    Wrote a letter to the council and they said they'd had a couple of head ons there that they hadn't figured out in similar conditions. The corner is now getting one of those reflective arrowy sign things.
  14. Absolute classic!

    You should have realized that they always 'know'.

  15. Absolute classic!!
  16. Classic indeed. Reminds me of the version on the Peter paul and Mary live abum of 1964. Paul Stookey tells a similar story about a businessman in his company car and a hot rod driver. Hilarious.

    How many times has someone smoked you and you caught up with them further down the road being pulled over by Mr Plod????

    What a laugh!
  17. An even funnier one was the time I was passed by a p-plated commodore travelling at at a good 160-170 on the highway only to pass them several k's later parked on the side of the road with a blown engine. :)
  18. CLASSIC!!!!!
    Oh, for a camera!!!
  19. I was trying to impress some girls at a takeaway (this is when I was very single)...

    I just fixed up my RED Yamaha XS250... all RED and chrome... I thought it looked real special... well I droped it while I was geting on to it... than droped it on the other side when I was picking it up... and than.. droped it AGAIN back onto the right hand side!!

    Also in the mornings while I was traveling to work... there was a WRX that would drag me off... Not any more I noticed the cop... he did not...
  20. :shock:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    PUSSY WIPPED :shock: :p :p :p

    Cheers 8)