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What's your ATGATT Setup?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Joleda, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. In my boring peak hour morning travels, I get to see alot of bikes going into work like I am. So out of curiosity I started thinking about what people consider THEIR version of full gear. As I see all sorts of outfits.

    On the way to work, I personally wear my suit with my dririder jacket over top and gloves, but I only have my suit pants on and my little slip on shoes.

    I rode down to the gold coast for my birthday last year, and OH and I wore Jacket, Gloves, sneakers and shorts. (Birthday is January so its stinking hot)

    When I am casual riding, to parents house or friends house, (Which is still motorway riding) I wear jeans, jacket, gloves and my dririder boots or sneakers, and have a bag with other clothes to change into.
  2. ATGATT:

    Alpinestars Jaws Jacket + pants, zipped in.
    Forma Ice Flow boots.
    Bell RS-1 Emblem helmet.
    R-Jays gloves (no idea what model).


    Choice of A* Jaws jacket, Rjays Sprint jacket, IXON Mesh jacket
    Jeans or kevlars
    Forma Ice Flow boots or RJays Altitude 2 (if raining/cold)
    R Jays gloves
    R Jays GP3+ helm
  3. Depends on the weather.

    Obviously helmet.

    Textile jacket and pants, and style of gloves depends on weather.
    Lighter weight textile jacket and draggins, gloves.

    I always wear boots regardless of the weather.

    Am thinking about getting a pair of these flash cool-max lined draggins I've heard about. Might make things cooler on the warm days. (The feejer blocks so much airflow I roast.) Also thinking about a third (mesh) textile jacket, full vented gloves, and some ventillated boots if I can find ones with good vents and good protection.

    So basically, all the time - helmet, jacket, appropriate pants, boots, gloves.
  4. Boxer shorts.
  5. AlpineStars Atem perf. Jacket or RST Waterproof jacket when cold (& thermal & fleece).
    RST waterproof Pants
    AGV GP-Tech helmet
    IXON summer leather gloves or RST winter
    A* SMX-5 (all I wear when riding 'cause I still love my new boots)

    Commuting I pack Business shirt & Pants in Kriega bag. Pair of dress shoes under the desk.

    Haven't dropped the bike for 4 months now, but still wary about not ATGATT.

    Pair of Kevlar jeans would be nice for non work. Or top box or panniers then I could wear cotton jeans under textile pants and lock textiles on bike.
  6. As with Tas man is weather dependent.
    Warmer weather:
    Mesh Jacket
    Kevlar Jeans
    Helmet - obviously
    Cooler weather:
    Switch to heavier Codura Jacket

    Also have Codura pants but have rarely worn them and might be too big now.
    Usually do RS Taichi Stealth knee guards too. Slide them off under jeans if I want to.

    Boots - have short and "Touring". If I'm going to be walking around a lot I'll wear the short ones.
    Am thinking of zip-off kevlar cargos lately. Would be handy if i head off to the beach etc.
    Also lighter gloves on the way.
    Have inner thermal liners for gloves which have had some use. Also wet weather gear if needed.
    Helmet is flip top with an inner visor. Only do really slow stuff in carparks etc with it up but sometimes only flip it up if I stop at a lookout at the beach to have a ciggy or a cold drink. Inner visor I love - gets a lot of use particularly late afternoon when the sun is low.
  7. Wow, interesting to see you guys wearing the protective pants! I don't even own a pair honestly. I have Draggin minx jeans with the kevlar and although they are super sexy they are too hot for summer. I keep dririder wet covers in my bag for the rain, just pop them on over my work pants and keeps the rain and wind off.

    My boots have arrived at harley davidson, so I will be picking them up on saturday and wearing them to work after that as my pants will sit over the top, giving my footsies some more protection. :joyful: The dririder boots are so full of armour I cant walk in them, so purely for riding only.

  8. Everyone makes their own choices of course, that that is part of the whole gear debate.

    Unfortunately, riding in the hot weather is tiring. It's just plain hot and there's nothing anyone can do about it if you wear full gear.
  9. safety tshirt safety shorts and safety thongs
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  10. Schuberth helmet, Dainese leather jacket, BMW textile pants, a* gloves & boots.

    Most importantly - concentrating on the ride & constant skills improvement.
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  11. That's the issue I had with my Cordura ones. Even though they have zip vents in Summer the ended up sweat bags. Kevlar Jeans for me are much cooler.

    No way I'd do shorts on the road. That's where the zip-off cargos are appealing. Quick change to shorts. Just not sure atm.

  12. Last summer I had to pull over 5 times going to the shops, the air was that hot and wet I couldn't breathe properly. Certainly wasn't pleasant (n) I understand why riders only wear a shirt and shorts up here sometimes, but I don't think I could ever risk only wearing a helmet. I wouldn't enjoy the ride due to panicking the entire way.
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    I guess I'm really more like 80%TG95%TT (80% of the gear 95% of the time), in that I always wear (non-kevlar) jeans, but boots, jacket, gloves and helmet. To be ATGATT I'd need at the very least kevlar jeans and ideally leathers.

    Helmet is a dodgy RXT jobbie that I should replace. Jacket for summer is a Rivet mesh number, winter is a Dririder textile. Current gloves are winter leathers but I'll pick up some mesh gloves for summer. Boots are actually more hiking boots, but big, solid and leather.

    Probably less than 5% of the time I wear shorts on the bike, just for the 5 km commute to work, if I want to wear shorts for the day.

    To be honest, although it *feels* more vulnerable, there's probably not a huge gap in abrasion protection between ordinary jeans and bare legs anyway...
  14. I have looked at the cargo's, probably something to consider now the bike I have goes considerably quicker lol. I told OH he has to get protective pants once he upgrades to a big boy bike, I should probably grab some I am willing to wear too. Thanks for the reminder ;)
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    Dunno how you lot do it up there in the humidity, it would be terrible.

    I've been thinking of trying some mesh gear - looking at jackets at the moment - but pants??? Not sure. Since you put me on to those Draggin ones with the coolmax liner I think it may be enough.

    Plenty of people out there ride with shorts, tshirts etc and do fine. Just not my thing. Obviously everyone has to make their own choices. I was taught (nigh on 40 years ago) by my grandfather to ride ATGATT. He owned a HOnda dealership and it was part of the deal - you wanted a bike - you put all the gear on. I guess the lesson stuck :) After all these years I've got no injuries from riding, and no desire to raise my risk level now that I've got kids I want to see grow up and get married etc.

    I saw some really sweet looking Rev-it summer mesh stuff on their website - womens fitment. Might be worth a look? LOTS of mesh for open airflow, and looked pretty awesome in white. Something for you to mull over maybe.

    Another thought - ever thought of a summer helmet? A convertible one? Stop at the lights - open the whole front of the helmet. Just a thought.

    Here you go mate - my wife was REALLY keen on this stuff until I reminded her how 80's it would look on the back of a white bike...:ROFLMAO:


  16. I guess I'm sort of the same with not wearing "proper" leg protection. I know if I come off in my work pants I may as well be wearing hot pants or just panties for that matter.

    If I plan on going for a full ride with twisties and such I would always wear my kevlar jeans at a minimum, I just wouldn't be going on said ride in the middle of a summer day :LOL:
  17. Resolute do them but not sure if they have the zip-off in women's.
    Your prior comment about hot air had me thinking. Have thought about moisture to help with that (I'm not that far from you so get the heat - usually tempered locally by the sea breeze though).
    You can get cool vests. There's an Australian one (can't locate atm) which has great reviews. Thinking about one if I can find it again. You wet it and wear it under a jacket.
    Mesh jacket is fair dinkum a must around here. I'd die with anything heavier in summer.
  18. I think you'd also probably attract a fair bit of unwelcome attention if you wore only a helmet... ;)
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  19. Yeah its not pretty in the heat sometimes. when I do arvo shifts I leave at 3pm which is hot as ****.

    I will have a look at the mesh stuff, thanks for the heads up.

    As for the helmet, My Arai costs way too much money for me to get another one anytime soon lol, It has alright venting in it so my head does okay. Plus I have never been fond of those helmets, they remind me of predator for some reason :shy:

  20. I almost caused accidents on the motorway when I wore hot pants on the way to the coast!, everyone behind me caught some butt cheek lol. (It was my birthday and i'll skank if I want too?)
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