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What's your 3 biggest fears while riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by roadcraftrob, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. Hello all, gathering some information on motorcycling and would love to know your top 3 fears on the motorbike. One of mine is : embarrassment, to drop the bike in front of a bike stop. ego can hurt more than bruises? thanks in advance for all that answer, feel free to make at least one interesting? cheers

  2. I have no fear :wtf:
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  3. Hi mate, think mine will be mentioned soon enough in many forms - having a solid object reducing you velocity to zero.
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  4. 1 my girlfriend not being able to come for a ride
    2 my girlfriend falling off the back
    3 my wife finding out about ma girlfriend
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  5. 1. crashing
    2. diarrhea
    3. (1) and (2) simultaneously
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  6. 1. Crashing
    2. Bike being a right off
    3. Literally kissing my arse goodbye when it passes me.
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  7. 1/ Pillioning a squid.
    2./ Excessive Wheelies.
    3./ Cages in my lane.

    ...basically being this guy :D

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  8. Cops. Cars and trucks pulling out. A big skippy or a cow jumping out in front of me
  9. 1. crashing and then catching on fire and dying
    2. crashing and then catching on fire and not dying
    3. thinking about crashing and catching fire
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  10. 1. Alligators
    2. Crocodiles.
    3. Dragons.
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  11. 1. losing concentration
    2. forgetting about what I was supposed to be doing
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  12. My biggest fear, when riding, has always been that I have a really silly, relatively minor crash, then someone "helpfully" calls in a helicopter to take me to hospital.

    First, I am TERRIFIED of helicopters..... they don't really fly, they just beat the air into submission.

    Then, I am also TERRIFIED of hospitals.......and, once in one, they test you for all sorts of stuff and they'd probably find me guilty of having just about everything wrong with me.
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  13. Large truck halfway across my side of the road while I'm going round a blind corner...
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  14. #14 Al_Cam, Jan 19, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2015
    1 SMIDSY - seems to be vans changing lanes lately.
    2 When I have one of those moments when the rear slides out for a moment mid corner I really will poo myself one day.
    3 Playing chicken with the duck in my street. There's this large duck (some times a pair) that every so often uses my road as a flight path and comes straight down the hill at what feels like head height straight along the lane, car or bike. It looks big enough to smash the windscreen. I only confronted it once on the bike. It one that round.
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  15. Definition of a helicopter: "A wandering vibration looking for somewhere to crash."
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  16. 1) Camry drivers
    2) Landcruiser drivers
    3) That weird vortex thing at the back that blows up the lower edge of my t-shirt, exposing the top of my bumcrack and causing me to get sunburnt there which then makes the following week in an office chair very uncomfortable
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  17. 1. Stupid people with smart phones - in cars
    2. As above...
    3. My wife
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  18. Dinosaurs.

    Hyosung shrapnel.

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  19. Do you know I honestly have to think hard about this...
    I really try not to think about scenarios that scare me...sure I have had my come to Jesus moments when out riding but they are momentary and I move on pretty quick...

    1. in traffic whilst commuting hitting an idiot pedestrian dodging through three lanes of traffic oblivious to all instead of using the pedestrian lights 10 metres up the road and scaring the crap out of me when they emerge from between a bus and a truck FFS (although after flattening them the temptation to roll backwards and forwards over them a few times would be great!!);)

    2. having people (generally men) say oh so your a doctor and think it is highly approporiate to starting unzipping their pants to show me their genitals and some probable STI they picked up recently...yeeeeeeew...that' s reason enough to keep quiet about your profession... and seriously- in the open and I'm in full bike gear...:yuck:

    3. Taxis turning into the poltergeist and perfoming supernatural feats at 100 km/h to pick up a waving potential passenger... beyond being able to anticipate anything other than gross stupidty from them...good way to get cleaned up on a bike...I have an unhealthy phobia of taxis..just sayin...shiver tremble...:ninja:
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  20. I own a camry (a hybrid one). I should keep an eye out and sneak up behind you when you least expect it.