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What's Wrong With Victorian's

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Who's idea was it to change sydney road at coburg / brunswick to a 40km/h limit during the hours of 6:30am to midnight, seven days a week.

    During peak hours, you might be lucky to do that speed , especially following a tram, but evening and weekends, seriously, why the lower speed limit??

    And the crap weather, friday, saturday, sunday morning (warmed up in the afternoon for the F1 race), monday, cold and windy....
  2. It's so they can get you for 'speeding'.
  3. we only put all that shit on to discourage you sydney siders
  4. Thats a joke, isnt it,
    Sydney road has been a 20 to 30 kph road for as long as I can remember, Its nearly stationary most of the time,
    Its one road you just dont travel on,
    And a bloody tram on it, Hahahahaahahaahahahahahaha Forget it,
    40 KPH limit, Hahahahahaha some one is definately joking about that one,
    They could have put a 200 KPH limit on it, You will still be pushing it to get 30 KPH,
    Its a shit road at any time,
  5. What's Wrong With Victorian's?

    Bowler hats,
    waist coats
    sword sticks...
  6. Snuff, Laudinum and Arsenic.
  7. And all the border jumpers moaning about it that never go home, Cos its STILL better than Sydney,,:angel:
  8. You kinda missed the point foot69 ;)
  9. What's wrong with Victorians??

    Here's another question?
    What's up with the 600,000 who have moved here in the last 5-6 years?

    And you think that's bad?
    For the life of me, I can't remember the last time I've been able to ride the Black Spur close to it's 80kph speed limit....
    You always get stuck behind someone at 40-50kph and can't over take as our moronic road authorites have decided to make a single white line no different to double white lines.

    Oh I could go on and on and on and on and on.......
  10. Victorians*
  11. Back on topic, I suspect they put that speed limit on Sydney road because at any time of the day or night a very drunk bogan will step out in front of any traffic and expect to safely cross the road . . . eventually. They don't actually walk straight across the road. More often than not they will wander down the road, zig zagging in front of you, and if they actually detect that you are there they will start hurling abuse at you for nearly running them over.

    Seriously. The road is usually so jam packed that 30 Km/h would be a good speed on it, and the pedestrians assume that any vehicle can stop before hitting them, so they just walk out in front of everything.
  12. "What's wrong with Victorian's?"......bageezuz it's hard to know where to start. Probably the best place is with that knobjockey Brumby who was never voted into power here but had it handed to him by that other wanker Steve Bracks.

    Bracks started turning us into the 'Nanny' state although we can't really complain because we voted him in, but by God Brumby ran with it when he got his hands on us.

    We're not unique in that regard though, every Labour state has had a taste of it. Victoria has been more significant because of the influence and power of TAC-Vicroads.

    We're now seeing the states swing away from the dictatorships though, more will continue to fall.

    We would of flipped federally except speedo boy can't string a sentence.
    They either need to teach him to talk or piss him off.

    ...oh that? yeah sorry about that, it's Global Warming. It should never have warmed up on Sunday.
  13. So what you're saying is, it's easier to police speeding than bogans.

    shame really, there's another cash cow the government could tap into.
  14. Actually Sydney Road is fine on a motorcycle. You've got a nice wide legal lane next to the parked cars and as long as you're careful you can make great time down it.

    peak hour during the clearway times it all moves OK - just be careful of bogans/taxis/ferals. Brunswick end is better though - after Moreland Road the closer you get to Bell Street the worse it gets.
  15. Have to disagree with some of this. There are few indigenous bogans in the whole stretch from Royal Parade to Bell street ON FOOT. There's a few around Bridie O'Reilly's on the weekend but they don't come from around here. There's a few that wander down from the wilds at the Bell street end but if they draw attention to themselves the bro's are quick to provide them with navigational advice. A few few CUBs in utes passing through but not many stumblers on the road.

    Stoners and ferals, yes. A growing population of them.

    Probably more bizarre is the speed limit of 40kmh on Mt Alexander Road Moonee Ponds, which is ONLY in force 11pm - 7am.
  16. Sydney Road limited to 40kmh can be explained in two words...

    CITY and LINK.
  17. Who's talking about on foot? It's the ones in cars that are the problem - the Sydney Road habit of pulling a u-turn without looking is the worst.
  18. +1...wtf is up with that. Noone on the road and you're putting along (in your car) at idle speed. Stupid.
  19. I put it down to survival instincts. When you've been waiting for three days for someone to cut you a gap in the traffic, and you've exhausted your food and water supply, you'll do anything...