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whats wrong with these bikes?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by chunkz, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. i wouldn't say any of those bikes are cheap, maybe im just a tightasse lol
  2. K's? + 20yo
    K's? + 20yo
    Nothing - seems ok buy
    Nothing - seems about right price.

    All those models will be fine - obviously the older ones might not look quite as flash, but if they're still in good mechanical nick, there's no real reason why they wouldn't be suitable for your first bike. Distance travelled can be a killer on a 250, particularly do to the lacklustre servicing performed by previous owners (typically).

    I guess you really need to see the bikes to judge though - anything can look good in a photo! ('cept me? :p)
  3. They only look cheap because you see 15 year old CBR250RR's selling for 6thou on a daily basis
  4. Old SRX250/CBX250's age really badly. In general those bikes are shithouse.

    Old GPX's aren't much better.

    EL250's aren't very attractive as 250 cruisers go.

    The rest of the bikes are all old trash :wink: nah, kidding, they're not so bad, but their prices are actually fairly high. You can get better stuff than that for $3000.
  5. everyone is saying these are expesive
    these are the cheapest i can find
    if any one can find me a good naked 250 bike in melb for less then 3k...
    with low k's and not 20 years old...
    id love to hear it...
  6. Depends what you want...

    You can get a ~2001 model CB250 for $3000. Better value then a 1988 GPX I think.

    When I said those bike were overpriced, I was thinking compared to the stuff you can get Learner Legal in NSW- e.g. Z650's, XJ650's for less than $2000 in good running order.

    SRX and CBX250's generally go for $1500 or less including a years rego. Those dealers ad's will always charge premium prices, look for private sales.

    That EL250 looks like a good bike.

    1998 (for some reason that year is really popular) GPX's can be had for $3000.

    I don't know anything about Across's, but that one seems reasonable.

    As for finding even cheaper bikes, I've always been a fan of Ebay. Same as buying anywhere else, you have to go and inspect the vehicle, and don't pay above what it's worth, but there's decent stuff out there.

    A 5 minute search produced this-

    Bargains, but possibly dodgy, inspect carefully:

    Good looking bikes:

    Any of those bike would be good value, so long as they're all they're cracked up to be
  7. Why do you want a newer bike? If price is an issue, buy something naked from the 70's/80's, spend a few dollars on it and have a blast!

    I guarantee for $2k or less, you could turn up a nice(no, VERY nice) 250 from that era that will go forever, or get any of the LAMS 650's if you are in NSW.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. http://bikepoint.ninemsn.com.au/DesktopDefault.aspx?UsedBikeID=794838&TabID=3424&Alias=bikepointau
    I have seen this bike (many months ago, I'm surprised they still have it) The Kms were very high if memory serves me correctly as you'd expect on a 21yr old bike.

    Didn't see a bike on this link. Must have been a good deal.

    I doubt there's anything wrong here. The EL isn't a fast bike and will really only appeal to the cruiser market so I'd say the owner just wants to ask a realistic price.

    Again, this is an old bike (18 yrs). Km's are not mentioned in the add which tells you they were too high to be a selling point. That said, high km's is not always an issue.

    The across looks to be realisticly priced and if it turns out to be sound then it's probably a good deal.

    This GPX also likes like a realisticly priced bike. Notice the lower KMs' and a few less years do give it a higher price tag than the previous one. Quite likely a better deal than the other GPX but I couldn't make the call without looking at and preferably also riding the bikes.

    I don't really think these bikes are cheap, but also I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with them for what they are. They seems to be realistic prices for the bike being sold.

    I paid $2500 for a CB250 with 20k on the clock that lasted years without issue or splutter till the day I traded it in for $2200 so the lower tags don't always mean a shit bike. You pay for what you get and none of these will set land speed records etc.. but not necesarily shit bikes.

    Note: They're almost always less shiney and pretty than the photos suggest. :wink:
  9. None of them are cheap IMO, all very old as mentioned.
    Dealers will take 500 less than advertised but still make $500 profit on them.
    If they have brand new tyres a full service and +6 months rego , then that does add some decent value and is about the normal price.
    250's do hold their value unless they are really stuffed.
  10. i just helped a friend of mine buy a 99 gpx with 25k on the clock in immaculate condition for $4k with RWC and reg. bearing that in mind, NONE of those bikes seem cheap, i'd say more on the other end of the scale.

    i sold a 96 gpx and a 91 gpx for other people recently, both with RWC and reg and both for $2500.

    take your time or you WILL pay too much, you've gotta sort the dreamers from the realistic prices, let the dreamers keep going till they get desperate...
  11. .

    The don't seem like good value to me.

    I would have thought $1500-$1800 would have pulled any 80's single or twin 250 up.

    Look in NSW. 250's are cheaper here now, because you don't need to ride one on your L's.

    Find one without rego, and get a friend with a trailer and do a road trip.
  12. well I cant do not 20 years old. But low ks and fair condition should be easy. Whats wrong with 20 years old anyway? The fastest drag bike at calder drags the other week was running a Katana engine :) And sadly the bikes still mostly have forks and no antilock on the front brakes which are the two things one would think evolution would sort. The engiines are quicker but the riders mostly aint :) But hey.. pay what you like and get what you like
  13. On Bikesales.com there's not many decent running LAMS bikes of any size at that price...

    a XJ600 Seca II for $1900

    For $1900 (and what I'd love to pick up) a 1976 classic GT500 Suzuki

    The first 250 that shows up is a CBR250R (grey import) for $2,500.

    The demand hasn't dropped as much as you'd expect - the cheapest Across is $2700

  14. Forget bikesales, that is, unless you want to buy an expensive bike.
    Bide your time on Ebay, be prepared to travel and you wil get a bargain.
    As a learner, you do not need super duper brakes, fairings, 25,000 rpm redlines, you need simple, strong and reliable. Any decent bike in your displacement limit from the last 30 years wil fit the bill.
    If you are like 99% of others on teh board, you wil sell it the second you are able to upgrade anyway.
    There's been a great Z250 pop up on Ebay a few kms from here a couple of times for under $1k.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. WOWSERS, and old Suzuki Titan, Tony, and nearly unmolested too, only the bars appear to be non-stock. 57,000 kms, I wonder how many speedos it's had???
    A LAMS rider could do a whole lot worse than the bike which Cycle Magazine called indestructible.....
  16. Very tempting Paul, but I also like the H2 Kwaka with 6000 odd miles on it here.

    And the original BSA Rocket 3 and the CB450 Hondas and...!

    I bought my old K series there and he usually has interesting stock... :wink:

  17. be still my beating heart; a 1974 RD-250, still with the original bars..

    a Greeves Griffon

    a 1972 XS-2 Yamaha

    That's like Ali Baba's cave :LOL: