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Whats wrong with riding a 250?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nice2Bnaked, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. For a long time now I have owned a couple of Spada's (three, soon to be four) and ever since I got my liscence, I have copped the "what are you upgrading to" and "wait until you get a real bike" ect ect...
    I have ridden all sorts of big bikes, such as late model gsxr1000, zx9 and R6. They are all great bikes, but there is no way that you could use even half their potential power on the road.

    And when it comes to hooning, I've lost my liscence for 2 years (5 months to go)... Go figure. I can pop wheelies (holding em for only about 50 metres) and do stoppies/circle burnouts ect. I know I'll behave when I get the liscence back.

    I get the most enjoyment out of the 250's. When riding the smaller bikes, its all about corner speed and handling, and you will easily be able to gice a bif bike a run for its money.

    Take the Kew Boulevard for example (the one that goes past studley park boathouse)
    I used to wait there, for bigger bikes to come past, on the Spada, dressed in full leathers and sliders. They would park, and most were OK for a chat, but still spoke down to me. I knew this road like the back of my hand, and those that have ridden it will know that it is dangerous, with bumps, gravel and tree roots, not to mention the coppas being a regualair appearance. I would EAT these bikes, and the only bloke that gave me a run was a guy who rode an RS250 (with number 27 on his back), and a nutter on a R1 streetfighter, and I was there every sunday and most weeknight evenings. If anyone remembers me (black beaten up spada, orange/black dainese leathers) PM me.

    I dont see why people are pushing those who own 250's onto bigger bikes.
    Heres some good reasons not to upgrade:

    More feul efficient
    Economical (less oil, cheaper pads/chain/sprocket/tyres)
    Spare parts galore (everyone crashes 250's)
    Simple, easy to work on
    Less fear of crashing ($$$)
    Keep your liscence

    I think the perdect ride is an RVF400, and I will be streetfighting one soon hopefully.
    See you one tonner sportsbikes on the boulevard soon...

    I have seen the light. I am off to sell my overpowered, sweet handling and phenominal braking POS sports bike right now.

    Anyone want to swap an Aprilia RSV1000 for a CB250, 40000 cartons of beer and 7 sheep?
  3. Riiiigghhhhtttt.....
  4. I think your actually right about the RVF400 though. I would love a play on one of those little jiggers.
  5. There and will never be anthing wrong with riding a 250. I think the major misconception is people view smaller displacement bikes as stepping stones up to +1l bikes. We all dont need 1l+ bikes!
  6. i agree you can have a lot more fun on small bikes, i can cane the sweet little ass off my rs125 and still relatively keep my license. relatively.

    but i'm definately looking forward to using the skills i've gained from my learner bike on a 600, because it's just the next step. never stop learning

    but hey, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. (-Larry Flynt)
    if you're happy riding the little 250s and caning the big boys through the curves than good for you :)
  7. Lots of reasons to like 250s. :)

    I upgraded because I found my Across too tiring (and too noisy!) on country rides, and I wanted something with decent power for overtaking.

    But the last time I rode the Across (heading home after getting the RWC) I remember thinking how much fun it was, and that I'd miss it.

    (And if anyone's offering joyrides on an RVF400, I'm in!)
  8. lol you thing your the shit cos you can carve up some guys on big bikes on the yarra blvrd, its a 50km/h road.
    Why do people ride big bikes?...
    Each to their own...simple as that.
    Not using all the power on the road...depends on who is riding and where you ride/live.
    For me bikes cost money simple as that, so that doesnt bother me.
    You say keep your licence on a 250,yet you lost yours...lol.
  9. nothing wrong with a 250 at all.
    some of the most fun I ever had was fanging through chain of ponds on my CB250. after I replaced the rear tyre with something more stable.

    i loved that bike, and highly recommend it for anyone wanting a cheap commuter. it was however lame when it came to acceleration & touring. couldn't overtake, couldn't accelerate, sore arse within 2 hours of riding.

    now i'm on my Hornet 600 i will never look back. it's fast, handles awesomely, stops fantasticly, and is just sooo much fun to ride! more acceleration, comfier seat, plenty of flickability.

    I don't think everyone needs/wants a litre bike, every person should own the bike they have the most fun riding. for some it's a R1. for others it's an old CB400. For others it's a postie bike.

    if you have a ball riding your 250 then you don't need to 'upgrade'.
  10. take whatever bike you want, I don't care.

    but honestly, you're only thumping those litre bikes on the boulevard because nobody (but you it seems) would be stupid enough to push hard on that joke of a road surface. ffs there aren't even that many sharp corners. My g/f on her 250 dirtbike is faster than me on that road.

    This whole story reminds me of the story a netrider told (forget who). sitting at a traffic light, the light turned green and he rolled to the next red traffic light 300m down the road, keeping throttle & the revs low becasue well, why would you bother, the lights are red... a guy in a hotted up civic pulls up next to him "nice bike, pity it is so slow"
    the guy in the civic had thought he was in a drag race! worse, he had lost but still thought he was hot sh!t.
  11. I love riding my zzr250. But I look forward to getting something I can rely on to get me out of those trouble spots. Maybe without the lawnmower noise too.

    I think edgelett is 100% right
    "every person should own the bike they have the most fun riding"
  12. Great story. More people should ride bikes that suit them and their riding requirements. Your 250 obviously did just that.

    Some of us require a bit more comfort, stability, fuel range, reliability (less stress) and performance amongst others.

    Your riding ability is to be commended :p now put your 250 againt any sports/touring bike at a track with someone of similar ability and see what your 250 can do. Even better than that do a Melb to Adelaide ride on any touring bike and see how you think.

    Like I said your bike suited you and your requirements but to suggest anything else is overkill is not correct.

    PS. The way things are, scooter riders will be loosing their licenses too.
  13. Weird.... Im sure my 600 only weighs 160~kg dry weight.
    You had a point for some of it, but as the rant continues yes its personal opinion. I love my ZX2R but there wasnt enough overtaking speed and i just got bored of it, so it was time for something new
  14. weird i have no prob in overtaking cars... or leaving them in dust. however i have problem in overtaking 600/1l bikes :grin:

    ps: i just want my tires and mech. seems to have an issue for me being picky on tires!
  15. um,.. 1 tonne = 1,000 litres...

    a 1,000 bike. i imagine would just flip backwards everytime you touch that throttle (i imagine...)
  16. what's wrong with 250s? Nothing unless you want/need more. Often it comes down to the penis extension thing, just with cars. There are a few differences though.

    Fuel efficiency of the 250's and the litre+ tourers on the open road is about the same, but the bigger ones are smoother.

    250's have very poor fuel ranges because of small tanks

    250's have very poor wind/weather protection compared to larger alternatives. Often this is because there are no comparable bikes between 250 and larger categories - problem still remains though.

    250's have very poor luggage options

    250's have very small alternators and typically crap headlights.

    250's come with chain drive, whether you want it or not.

    250's have crap suspension and their upfront cost makes upgrading them to something better a gross overcapitalisation.

    If you want a commuter or a city hack, there's nothing to fault them (esp. with lower fuel/tyre/insurance costs).

    For out of town work with luggage and/or 2up, esp at night there are better alternatives.

    If you are talking about going around corners fast, I don't think it matters what you have - a good rider can make more out of anything than a poor rider on the best theoretical bike. The advantages of the bigger bikes come with live-ability properties and is highly dependant on what properties you value.
  17. i like my 250....with the one exception of having to know where each fuel stop is on a ride to ensure i can make it from fuel to fuel.....

    other than that, with my experience and confidence level and the type of riding i can see myself doing, my 250 is perfect....

    of course, that might change one day...... :)
  18. Tall people, or those with long legs dont fit on smaller bikes. I look like a preying mantis on most small bikes
  19. And most of them stink! :grin:

    Horses for courses, if I lived in the city where I never get to see a 100kmh speed limit a 2fiddy would be fine, but here where 110kmh is more common than 50kmh, I'll keep my big slow 600 that sits on hwy better, accelerates better, stops better.........thanks dude. :twisted:
  20. Umm....I think that would be 1 tonne of ccs.....you know, 1,000ccs? = 1 litre...