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What's wrong with QLD Transport?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by CrEsT, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I moved from Mexico a few months ago to study postgraduate degrees.

    Long story short, I hold a full drivers license and full motorcycle license from Mexico, which I can upgrade to an Australian by sitting the written test and having the practical again, once I pass them both, I automatically get full Australian licenses without going through all the Learners period.

    Having said that, I am not obliged to do it. Since I'm not a permanent resident I can drive/ride with my Mexican licenses as long as I have an official translation to English.

    Problem is, I had the great idea of upgrading my car license and get the Australian... a process that I did not complete (Practical test pending) because I was riding a 50cc scooter with my full motorcycle license.

    It results that once I sit the written test for the Australian car license and I get the provisional one, ALL my Mexican licenses are invalid, including the motorcycle one.

    I don't see why QLD Transport "cancels" my full Mexican motorcycle license. Now I need to complete the car license and take the practical test before I can sit the written motorcycle license. Can't even ride a 50cc. Hell, even if I had a boat license I'd lose it too because of these rules.

    That means I'll have to take the bus to uni and work for the next 20 days until I take the practical test for my car license.... how ridiculous.

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    Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance

  3. Good luck with that. One in ten students I have going for a license have had an unrestricted license in another state. QLD dept of T Changes thier car. They never noticed they did not get the bike. Not sure what the dept rules are on it. Could look it up but sorry huge day and I am stuffed.
    But bottom line was they were there payig there cash and going for an unrestricted.
    Are you a diplomat To live work and drive here and not have to change your license ???
    I am not sure I would have. Never changed my aussie in europe but got made to in the states. Pulled over by the same cop a few times. over a year or so. And yeh I had the same thing happen and had to go for my bike again when I got back here to QLD.
  4. I hold a student visa but I'm in the process of becoming a permanent resident as I live with my aussie partner and we are expecting a baby, that's why I decided to transfer my licenses.

    I wish they would inform you that once you start the process you'll lose all previous rights, as mere courtesy.

    I guess I'll have to go through all the hassle of taking the practical car test and once I have the license take the Q-Ride. Pain in the ass but that seems to be the way.
  5. Sorry when you said you were from Mexico I thought you meant Sydney....
  6. That made me lol.
  7. Lol and i thought he ment melbourne
  8. " and i thought he ment melbourne"
    so did I.....
  9. Same.
  10. Pretty standard rules in any country, mate. If you hold a license (any license) in a country that you drive/ride in, you must use that license, and may not use any other license that you might hold from any other country.
  11. Well.. no, it's not very standard, I've lived in the US, Norway and Canada and they don't do it.

    It doesn't make any sense to cancel your boat and motorcycle ones if you are transferring your CAR license. Different classes, has nothing to do.

    My main concern was that when I got the car learners they never warned that I was going to lose the motorcycle one.

    At the end of the day I have to transfer both, just very bad timing.

    And when I said Mexico, I meant real Mexico haha.