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whats wrong with my street triple??!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Reido, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys thanks in advance for your help.
    My street triple ('08) has been giving me trouble when trying to start it. it is quitr random but I have planned a 3 day riding trip at the end of this month and dont really trust the bike at the moment!

    eg: today it started in the morning perfectly. rode to the city & bike was standing for 3 hours. started fine again. Then rode to a mates house (15km away). stopped bike, then he asked me to move it around the back. wouldnt start at all! tried about 15 times, but heres the thing.... on each try it did different things eg: it will either give nothing when u press the starter (eg like a flat battery but battery is fine). the next try the starter may sound but it wont fire up, followed by nothing again! this keeps alternating untill about the 20th time when it started!

    then I got home, stopped and started the bike about 8 times and all perfect!!!

    I know it isnt the battery as that was just replaced.

    anyone have any ideas???


  2. rec regulater? known problem with 675s maybe wrong but worth a gander
  3. I agree.

    I've just been through this with mine. Sounds like you have the original reg/rec which is a piece of shit. Even if you're out of warranty it's worth a crack at getting Triumph to cover it. I've read that dealers have replaced them outside of warranty. I guess it's such a well known problem with a crap reg/rec and being mounted where they're prone to overheating.

    If warranty is a no go, Google for more details and you'll find the part number you'll need. If you buy it from Triumph you'll probably pay way more than you need to.

    I'd get it looked at pretty soon. It won't be long before the bike won't start at all without recharging the battery every night.
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  4. Search for this on triumphrat, there are detailed instructions on getting a mosfet style r/r for the trumpets.
    Runs way cooler, voltage more stable, and cheaper then a genuine one.

    Might do it myself before I change anything electrical on my strumpet (grips, lights, etc) as the more power you draw...
  5. sounds pretty accurate, cheers will check it out!
  6. If reg Rec was at fault you would not have charge in battery to crank starter. Riding bike would not charge battery. So being able to start it 8 times in a row after riding 15 k would suggest it's charging fine.

    I bet it's your clutch switch on your left lever. It's the little thin wires coming out you lever. When bike won't crank wiggle them then try again.

    It's not your Regulator. 
  7. I know my strumpet wont crank at all if any kill switch is triggered. Crank and not start (recent issues I had cranking and not starting unrelated to op notwithstanding) ought not to be a kill switch...
    Otherwise im lost given all the diff symptoms there :-/ .
  8. First thing's first... Get a multimeter. If you try to diagnose electrical faults without one, you're more likely to get it wrong than right.

    Secondly, get the workshop manual.

    Although it could be the RR, I suspect that it could be something entirely different...
  9. Finally some sense! My daytona used to do this occasionally I put it down to a dicky clutch safety switch. Remembering you gotta hold your clutch in to start it.

    Check your lever for adjustment and freeplay, check the connectors running to the switchbox.

    Edit: also check the side stand safety switch.

    If it won't start put the sidestand up then down and pull the clutch in and out a few times and try again.
  10. Have you put on aftermarket levers? it may be the clutch sensor. have a look at triumph675.net forums.
  11. I might hedge my bets on Stookies fix here
  12. Maybe get a speed triple
  13. I wouldn't discount the R/R at this point... I went through this problem back in March/April. Initially the R/R wasn't putting out enough volts to charge the battery (stopped after a 1 hour of riding and couldn't restart - got a jump start from NRMA to get under-way). Bike started fine for the remainder of the day and then decided to play the devil's advocate on my way home that night. Blew bulbs, boiled the battery dry (wondered why I could smell sulphur - hadn't eaten anything to cause that could cause that much wind) and trashed the ECU. Turned out that the R/R in its infinite wisdom decided to fail in the worst possible manner pumping out 18V overloading the entire bike's electrical system. She was under warranty but had to live in the shop for 9 weeks awaiting parts but now has the upgraded mosfet OEM R/R rather than a diode based variant and a brand new ECU (not overly happy with the tune though).

    There's a good thread on the Triumph675 forums that's worth a look - The Definitive 675 Charging Diagnostic/Upgrade Thread which details everything you need to know. If your R/R is failing, get it fixed before it ends up doing more damage!

    BTW. When you've been greeted with nothing upon hitting the starter, have you tried toggling the kill switch off/on and trying the starter again? This has happened a couple of times with my D675 and she fires up fine after cycling the kill switch.
  14. OK i dropped the bike off at the shop and they sais I had fried the stator! makes sense given the symptoms. They wanted $A600 for a newie or for $250 they would reco my old one but i dont have the bloody bike for two weeks :nopity:

    my question here is... I have the oxford heated grips running to the battery. thay are great in winter but are they drawing excessive power from the battery? or is it pretty expected for an '08 street triple with 16,5xx km for the stator to go?


  15. If the stator can't handle an extra 4 amps (maximum), then either you have too many other gizmos attached, or there's something wrong with the stator... You never know, they might've engineered it to blow if you put accessories on, but I doubt it.
  16. Do you leave the bike sitting around for weeks at a time? I blew one on once after getting off a license suspension.
  17. Ill be putting grips, gps, powered top box (for charging phones) on the sprint. Hope it can handle it! Will be mosfetting up the r/r first though!
    Stator huh, didn't see that coming. Must be an intermittent fault!
  18. I know darkhorse's did too.

    I put it down to the bike trying to start on only 3 cylinders. Maybe yours is miss-firing too?