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Whats wrong with Australian Superbikes?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Chillertek, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Went to Eastern Creek today and watched the Formula Xtreme Superbike racing which was fantastic.

    I had looked at the Australian Superbike website. They have 3 rounds at Philip Island, 1 in Nothern Territory, 1 in Western Australia, 2 in Queensland.

    What the ****?

    None in Sydney?????????????????

    Australias largest city, with an international bike racing track in eastern creek. What the **** are you people thinking? From this its obvious it not Australian superbikes, just the Vic/Qld superbike championship.

    Go formuka Xtreme and thanks for the great bike p0rn entertainment.
  2. Totally agree with you. FX is a great championship.

    It's more accessible for riders, has better TV coverage, and the open pit policy makes it a far more relaxing and friendly environment.

    Stick that together with high calibre racers like Kevin Curtain, Rick Olson, Cru Halliday, Mike Jones, Phil Lovett etc etc and you've got the best race series in Australia. Well done Terry.

  3. that bikes got its knee down
  4. Unfortunately for some people, the politics of Australian motorcycle racing is more important than the racing itself...
  5. Well look at the positive side....
    You get to choose which of the many awesome routes to a back from the Island..
    And gives you a perfect excuse for a multi day road trip...:D
  6. The knee down is ok but the wheels up is a bit of a problem :eek:
  7. Ray got a heap of pics of many many riders lowsiding at that corner throughout the day. some cracking shots too.
  8. Politics and motorsport, its killing the sport. Just look at the V8's and eastern creek. V8's and eastern creek do not get along so the v8s go to a stupid street course. People used to biatch about the lack of spectator vision at the creek. It's worse at homebush as you can olny see a dirty big fence, a short part of the track you sit at then buildings. And problem with going to street courses is permanent tracks like eastern creek , Oran park(rip), etc dont get big spectator crowds and dont bring in the money to do upgrades and they become run down and some then close down. and the govt do stuff all as its not football or cricket.
    We had at least three tracks in Sydney, now we have one. This cuts down the availability of track days and advanced course training for riders/drivers. Wheres the safety in that???
    Egos and politics in motorsport, Thats why there are two different series and why they dont go to certain tracks. People need to pull their egos into check and go to as many tracks as they can, promote the sport all over the country. We need more racing, not less
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  9. The same guy your thanking for the past weekends racing ruined ASBK for NSW...And is now trying to kill club racing in NSW....Go Terry!
  10. I do stay out of the politics. I know a lot of people aren't keen on ToN, but I really enjoy the FX race series. Plus, we sponsor a few of the riders.

    About these 2 accusations, would you care to expand? I genuinely don't know what's going on there.
  11. I'm sure politics plays a part, but I think that Terry O'Neill and F-Xtreme have convinced the Eastern Creek operators that FX is a better money making proposition.
    FX races under a AASA (Australian AutoSport Alliance) permit, while the Aust. Superbike Championship runs under a Motorcycling Australia permit.
    A few circuits like Queensland Raceway, Winton and Wakefield Park run some meetings under the AASA permit, as it is cheaper than the MA permit, which means cost savings to the promoter and probably cheaper entry for the competitor, meaning it is more attractive to the privateer racer, which means more entries per meeting.

    I'm sure it all comes down to money, which motorcycle racing in general does not have much of.
    Most car racing does not have much more as V8 supercar racing has sucked up just about all of the sponsorship money from all other catagories.
  12. Don't forget to add in the fact that the ASBK private promoter has managed to alienate a number of circuit owners around the country as well.
  13. I don't really see that that's ToN's fault. I know St George are in a bit of a shambles this year, but I think to accuse him of trying to kill club racing in NSW is a bit hard.

    Although I could be wrong, I know he's not entirely popular with everyone.

    But as I said, on face value, FX is a brilliant championship for the reasons previously stated.

  14. ...Common knowledge that Mr IEG did it all by himself....
  15. So it's not Terry's fault after all then? :)

    You got to admit, he's doing a sterling job of running his race series.
  16. Terrible to see club racing get ****ed over.

    But I've personally seen pathetic, childish, stupid politicking tear apart rifle clubs, hunting clubs, councils, car clubs... In those sorts of environments the wankers who scream the loudest end up rising to the top and ****ing it for everyone.

    More of a broad rant that one. No idea what is going on with the superbikes. Anyway. As you were.
  17. It depends what club you're talking about. I think the point is that the FX series has grown (this year they've added a round in Queensland) and is now presenting itself as an alternative to ASBK for top notch racing.

    But you're right, as soon as everyone makes peace and puts the bullshit behind them, the better for the sport in Australia.
  18. Not wanting to get too involved but MA covers all forms of motorcycle races hence their insurance bill will be higher.
  19. if you want to race a yamaha then the FX series is the go.
  20. I'm assuming that this is a tongue in cheek bit of logic?