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What's wrong if I want to have a Harley?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jungomer, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. So what's wrong if I want to have a Harley? Probably an entry level such as the 883 Sportster. :roll: :roll: :roll:

  2. If your certain you want to buy an over-priced motorcycle, stay away from the sportys and go the full 80 ci.

    You can only make "nom" in some patch clubs with your sporty, they just don't get the same respect. Undersized harleys don't look right, even more under-performance by a sporty.

    The harley is a good kick and a good ride, shame about the bike though. They are getting better now the harley is "made in japan".

  3. http://www.goingfaster.com/angst/main.htm

    That's a pretty funny look at owing a Harley.
  4. What's wrong???

    You're 36 and you're becoming BORING :p :LOL:

    Personally, for the price of a 'cheap' Harley I would rather have one of the better cruisers by Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki. Just my opinion, I know having a Harley carries a certain 'aura'.

  5. Thanks for your input. I'm not interested in getting into patch clubs. What's your opinion on a 1996 1200cc Sportster for about $10,000 ? A 2007 1200cc Sportster is about $14000 on the road.
  6. Nothing, Nothing at all. I think the little sporties are a lot more useful around town etc than the bigger softails etc. The sporties are just as cheap as the Jap cruisers so why not? Probably cheaper than a Trumpy America and not that much more than the VT750. Just watch out for insurance as it can be a bit nasty for the Harleys.
  7. I hereby summon DuHast, Toecutter, and Jaqhama to this poorly conceived flame war!


  8. Just make sure you get the 2004 + years as these have the rubber engine mounts for a less vvvvviiiiiiiibbbbrrrraaaattttiiinnngggg ride :wink:

    Big difference between the two so ride a pre 2004 then a post 2004 and feel the difference.
  9. Yes I think this is a good point. And they have the Electronic Fuel Injection, right?
  10. Stack up on popcorn and get another beer :p

    Hi jungomer

    Doggy is spot on - you need to get the rubber mounted engine. The pre-rubber mounts are going to depreciate more and their ride is also not as pleasant.

    which model are you after - Custom or Roadster? Two different bikes and seeing as you are only 36, what sort of riding do you want to do?

    I used to be a fan of the Custom's looks till I rode the Roadster. Only ridden the 1200, but it handled and stopped very well and I'd have one in my stable.

    Look into the possibility of getting an 883 and boring out to 1200 - cost around $1,000. Find a good Harley mechanic, only one in Melbourne I've dropped into was in town, HD Development, in a laneway near the main bikeshops and talk to them.

    Also good Harley site is www.vtwinforum.com - hours of reading there.

    Any other questions let us know.
  11. Lets say your getting a Harley Sportster not because you want to get that bikie image or sort or to get into harley bike clubs. Hey I don't even wear leather. my 2 riding pants are Icon jeans with kevlar and my jacket is a Cordura weather proof armored ones.

    Is the Sporty worth the trouble in price and performance as a everyday ride? Setting aside all biased or negative image of Harley bikes and riders offcourse.
  12. Buy what ever floats your boat. I like Harleys but will probably never buy one as they don't seem to thrill me. But at the moment I am not in a cruiser state of mind, maybe after a while I amy revisit them.

    I have said this a few times but if when you look at the bike it screams ride me then that's the one for you. Don't listen to DHs who think that having "fastest" bike is what it is all about riding is a lifestyle and if the Harley lifestyle is for you got for it.
  13. Rubbish, insurance for harleys is cheaper than sportsbikes...

    Only the 2007 model sportsters have EFI

    Definately aim to get a rubber mounted model (2004 onwards) there is a huge difference in vibration levels and makes for a less fatigueing and more comfortable ride.

    Another typical comment by some tool that has probably never ridden a harley and just jumps on the slag out harley bandwagon....go ride your half arsed imatation....
  14. Many thanks Toecutter. Great help.

    which model are you after - Custom or Roadster? Two different bikes and seeing as you are only 36, what sort of riding do you want to do?

    I too, liked the roadster. Haven't ridden one but I think its very simple look makes it standout from other Harleys. Mechanically, wise have you heard of any problems with its perfomance and maintenance cost?
  15. wow, both of those links are utterly boring. they must have spent a lot more time thinking about harleys than i do, and i like them!
  16. Only problem ive had with mine mate is the factory alarm system is quite draining on your battery if you dont ride regularly, so you can either opt for a trickle charger like i have or just dont leave the alarm on all the time. Other than that she has been great with no probs whatsoever......fun to ride, great on fuel.

  17. CustomKris

    Sir, From a standpoint of someone who rides a 2006 Harley Davidson XL1200 Custom, can I get a feedback on performance and maintenance cost?

    Lets say, I would probably go for the 883, as I prefer an entry level and don't want to blow myself up by jumping on a 1200. The biggest I have ridden is a 750 Kawasaki.
  18. At the risk of getting flamed by the HD mob. I bought a 1200 sportster in the late 90's, and very quickly got over it. It was slow, and while definitely the best handling Harley, it's handling was very average compared to other bikes. It also vibrated like hell, and on long runs things really did come loose and fall off due to it. I ended up ripping it apart and building a cafe racer with Jap forks and brakes, and italian rear suspension. By the time I had finished spending, I ended up with a reasonable bike for the price of two really good ones. On the plus side, that engine is grunty as hell, not powerful, but grunty and very flexible. I think Eric Buell had the right idea when he took all the Harley out of Harley except for that classic motor, for which I still have a bit of a soft spot.
  19. If it makes you happy and its what you want then do it ! If youre undecided then wait till your sure.

    Afterall, you are buying the bike for you and not everyone else arent you ?