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What's with the whingeing about Steve Smith???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. So we didn't win the Test Match. So sad, you can't win them all. But we didn't lose either, and we won the Series trophy. If you're batting second last, the one thing you must do is to make sure you can't lose the match.
    Our bowlers have been stout-hearted and brave: who is to say on a dead flat pitch that they could have dismissed India in five sessions?????
    Steve Smith has covered himself with glory as a batsman and we should be defending his captaincy, not taking away from him and the team the joy of beating the Indians on our home soil.

  2. Sort of agree, I think he may have been a little over cautious and could have declared a little earlier, but can understand why he'd want to knock an Indian surprise win out of the equation totally. But wouldn't fault him for that as many are. Imagine how he'd be hung, drawn and quartered if he'd set a "sporting" declaration which set up an Indian win, and then they won the last one and drew the series!!

    Has the early makings of a very good captain I reckon, and batting beautifully as well.
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  3. Like to see all the whingers out there having a go ...
  4. So who's whinging ? I think he will make an excellent captain.
  5. Have no idea....just replying to the threads title is all :p and totally agree with you Mcsenna!
  6. who the fcuk is steve smithers?
  7. some cricketer
  8. ïsnt that a frog noise?
  9. frogs eat crickets don't they?
    it was still in his mouth
  10. fair enough....but perhaps it should've said "burp
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  11. #12 ogden, Dec 31, 2014
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    And I called you a premature ejaculator. So sorry.
  12. Back to back tests means he had to rest Johnson for Sydney.
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  13. Oh, I know. Terrible really.
  14. Personally I thought Steve Smith was a fairly good minister for defence. It's just a shame we don't get to hear his insightful thoughts on politics anymore.

  15. when he was known as pete ;)