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Whats with the Haka?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by paul_b, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. I know its tradition in rugby and some other sports, but what is with other teams having to stand there and listen to the New Zealand players doing a performance about slitting your throat??

    I reckon the other team should just turn around and walk away. Can't imagine they would take to kindly to us doing a dance about how we plan to slaughter them. :grin: :grin:

  2. It's supposed to be this awesome experience for you to have had them direct it towards you, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah...

    I'm with you, mate. It pumps the Kiwi's up. Why should they be allowed to have such a thing? No other team in the world does anything like it, do they?

    If I was on the opposing team, I'd scratch me a**e, pick me nose and fling it at them, yawn and then turn 'round and pretend to tie my laces, when I'm really chucking them a clothed brown-eye.

    Farkin' poofy all-singing, all-dancing Kiwi's... :p
  3. It always did surprise me to hand a team a seemingly unfair advantage of trying to intimidate an opposition team.

    But surely an opposition standing opposite unflinchingly staring back at them would neutralise any effect they may hope to acheive.
  4. I saw them on sports tonight doing it hence this topic. The Aussies were pretty much just saying F&#k Off anf F#$k you in return. Mildly amusing....
  5. I think France's response to the Haka has been the best I've seen, getting right up in their faces, Chabal looked like he was going to skin and eat someone.

  6. And it did them so good in the World cup too.

    It pumps the other team up if they can look at the Kiwis doing the Haka and stare them down.

    The French did it and the aussies are great at doing it.

    For all their best team in the world status they'd be better off not stirring up the opposition and just getting on with the game.
  7. I think Cockeril went face to face a while ago and Ireland did it in the 90's, everytime some does something about it the Kiwi's and IRB get up them. I think the French and Aussie's have actually done the opposite and wandered of for a smoke to counter it which was pretty funny.

    I don't remember my self but I have read that NZ were on the verge of dropping it altogether in the 70's
  8. I think it's pretty cool. It is actually really good to be on the recieving end of it, and as has been said, just stare them down.
  9. The Aussies should all come out in response with wobble boards and sing "Tie Me Kangaroo Down".

    If that didn't put the opposition of their game, nothing would.

  10. Now THAT is a solution I could live with :rofl:.
  11. The problem is you're not allowed to respond
  12. Do that to an islander & it'll be the last thing you'll ever do. :LOL:
  13. Well if you're not allowed to respond, they shouldn't be allowed to do it.

    If the Australian team did something that celebrated our rich cultural heritage, like the hilarious ideas already suggested, you can bet THEY'D respond.
  14. Like throw beer bottles at them? :rofl:

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Didn't someone get a VC for that...
  16. If someone hasn't yet got a VC for throwing beer bottles at someone, this oversight needs to be redressed immediately :rofl:.
  17. The only thing that makes half the Kiwi team "islanders" is the fact they live on an island. Just how many of them are actually Maori??

    The Aussies could do an aboriginal dance, but you'd probably find that OUR indigenous people wouldn't want a traditional "dance" performed by white fella's. The Maori people obviously don't give a rat's a**e...
  18. They should be awarded the VB/VC. :grin:
  19. Surely there's a native Australian dance we can add to ours?

    Anyway, I don't half mind it - it adds a lot of colour to an otherwise boring sport. :p

  20. Not if you're a 130kg front rower. Us whities can be pretty big too you know...