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What's with the anti CBR250RR sentiment?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by flashfire, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. Inline with the Ducati thread, I'm curious to know why there is a seemingly prevalent bias against CBR250rr's and their riders. I've only been part of the motorcycle world for a few months, so occasionally need stuff, such as this, spelled out for me.

    in anticipation,
  2. It's just small-minded people, flash (actually they are juist jealous that you own such a technologically advanced motorcycle)

  3. (I don't own one!)
  4. WTF are you on about :?:

    Cheers 8)
  5. P.S. Its a 2 fiddy who gives a toss :p :p :p

    Cheer 8)
  6. Whoops!!!
    That's right, you don't.
    Well, anyway, my reason remains the same...
  7. its a bike for the posers who just got their l's and dont have the bawls to get a 999r on their restrictions hahahaha :D:D:D:D
  8. I thought it was quite clear what I am on about. Shall I make it clearer for you? cos I can if you need...

  9. That's it lets get this wannabe thread back on track. We are talking Ducati's today :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers 8)
  10. Jeez guys, be nice, life is more than bashing other people's cherished bikes/ideas. (Or am I missing the fact that most of the mischievous postings are just that, wind-ups to get someone going???
  11. Yaeh, Dazz, stop picking on Flash, you meanie!
  12. And that, my dear, is the core of my basis for question.... I am genuinely interested why there seems to be a constant, albeit somewhat subtle, deluge of shite flung upon CBR250rr's..... Or am I just more sensitive to or more aware of this than I am the shite slung at every other bike (except the poor Acrosses) cos one is parked in my driveway every night?
  13. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :wink: :wink:

    Cheers 8)
  14. It's okay hornet - I can hold my own with Dazza. :) Thanks for sticking up for me though!
  15. IMHO this site is one of the worst site I know of for bike bashing, a bike is and bike and if you cant have fun on any of them give up riding....

    it wouldnt be so bad if half the people doing the bike basing could ride their bike to at least 50% of its potential

  16. no body likes
    everybody hates me
    think I'l go and eat worms
    fat. . . .
  17. I agree Martyh. I think it's downright rude dissing another person's ride. It's like walking into a person's home and saying what an awful place it is. It's just not cool and shows an inherent lack of respect. I'm not at all into discrimination or bikeism of any kind. It's not cool.

    But having said that, my initial question has yet to be answered.

    Is there some preconception that CBR250rr riders are reckless boy racers with penis envy or something?

    I just don't get it.
  18. As I was having a joke as you can see from my posts in reply to Hornett but missed this on the fly.


    WTF :?:

    I have NEVER heard slagging off about this bike on this Forum in the past. And if there was ONE woopty bloody doo. One does not constitute a "seemingly prevalent bias against CBR250rr's and their riders" IMHO. As for the Ducati's well that IS a different story as thier is ALWAYS jibing about those bikes and riders.

    Anyway that MY opinion.

    I have an idea I will be putting up another debatable topic tomorrow and will PM you so you can rephrase it and ask the same question about something different as you obviously cant think for your self.

    Thank You Please Come Again

    Cheers 8)

    P.S. I can't wait for your witty Sydney comeback. Please tell me it will be worth it.
  19. Hey Marty, you've discovered our guilty secret, none of us can ride for nuts, (except for yourself, I'm guessing) and our only joy in life is bagging other people's bikes. If that is a problem then your two choices are;
    1. Join in
    2. Go somewhere else!
  20. Wow - you're pleasant. So pleasant that you barely deserve a response, but for the sake of anyone else reading this thread, I must clarify that there has been multiple instances of CBR "bashing" on this forum. If you really want, and ask nicely, I will take time out of my precious life to find them for you.

    Now, go take your ritalin.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.