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What's with the animosity?!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by TheShak, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. So its my second ride out on the bike and I'm just taking things easy in the streets around my place which, in hindsight, was probably not the best idea as its a residential area. But its only for a couple more rides as I'm feeling more confident about heading out further.

    Back to my point, at around 7.30-8 this morning, I headed out. There were, as usual, quite a few (and I use this term loosely) older ladies walking. Either on their own or with their dog. And I swear to dog, the animosity and negativity directed towards me was nearly palpable. Nothing verbal, but if looks could kill...

    what's even worse is that I've occasionally come across some of these ladies while jogging in the morning and they're as friendly as can be.

    Just sharing as, although I'd read about it, I'd never seen the kind of switch in attitude a bike brings out. I'm gobsmacked to say the least...

  2. They're just jealous.
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  3. First off, you're as entitled as anyone else to use the residential streets so don't be intimidated by traffic and locals. Secondly, the little old ladies are afraid of you, either because you make a lot of noise or because A Current Affair has told them you're going to rob and bash them. Not much you can do but get used it mate. It comes with the territory.
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  4. Did you show them your penis?
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  5. Hell, I even swapped out my yoshi exhaust for the standard ninja exhaust to make sure that I wasn't going to make as much noise, and i only did that because I knew that there wouldn't be any real car traffic through these streets at this time of day/week.

    But yeah, unfortunately, you're most probably right. Knowing it was a possibility and having it happen to me on literally my second ride out on my own is a bit of a wake-up call...
  6. And risk *another* accident? Maybe next time when I've spent more time with my bike ;-)
  7. Holy crap, didn't see that on the news last night! I guess that kinda explains what happened this morning.
    Makes me wonder if it's still a good idea to go out and practice at an industrial park tomorrow...
  8. The Gold Coast
    'Dandenong With A Beach'
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  9. I get this stuff around Newcastle all the time, but I guess with the gold coast having it's "problems" right now it's probably slightly more evident. It's pretty funny when I ride down my street the guy sitting on his veranda will shake his fist at me and two houses down I'll be waving back to the kids playing in their front yard.
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    And then there's this from

  11. mono's make everyone smile
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  12. In one of the other news articles it says there were 20 arrests, only one of them was an OMC member.

    Yet in Western Australia police were happy that only 19 people were arrested after the AFL Grand Final loss by Freo.
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  13. agreed and if you have a cruiser or a beard or even a leather jacket thanks to OMCs doulbly so. where as a clean living jogger is much less threatening
  14. God I hate it when people read media stories and get some immediate bias from it, rather than try to be rational about it. Just because some bikies get arrested, doesnt mean all riders are criminals etc.
  15. Ha Ha,
    I live on the Goldie - whoops, sorry, Dandenong drain. I have a fairly loud Firestorm. I wish I had photos of all the confused looks when people can't find a big 'ol cruiser or fat hairy bastard sitting on it!

    Seriously though, the lycra gangs that take over the streets every weekend morning are more of a menace and more threatening than any OMCG.
  16. TheShak,

    Next time your out Jogging and they smile at you, stop and say hello, Introduce your self with a name attached,

    Have a quick chat about the weather, That makes you a friendly,

    Then Say to them,

    I hope my bike doesn't frighten you when I ride it past you in the Mornings,

    OH, Thats you is it,

    Remember your a friendly from the weather chat above, Hahahaha

    Then they realize you dont have guns and Knives, and not about to harm them,

    You will find they will then become very concerned for you,

    This nice young man cant be one of those bad ones you hear about on the news,

    Thats the way the mind works,

    Up close and personal, They can see your smile, the clothes you wear, your not scaring the crap out of them with noise,

    And your pleasant to boot, The old ducks love it,
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  17. And stay off the foot path! Your not in Thailand now.
  18. and then stab and **** them
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