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Whats with people driving up my arse when I'm trying to park?!?!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by theeICEMAN, May 24, 2011.

  1. Okay...

    So I ride to work (in the city), and almost everytime I try to park my ****ing bike in the motorbike bay WHILE signalling well before I even reach the bay...****ing cages are on my arse even when I'm slowing down (I mean like change lanes and just get the **** out im trying to park). They dont get aye, I can't just turn into the parking space, I have to turn the total opposite direction and reverse back.

    So then a couple of days ago... I was slowing down while having the indicators on FOR A LONG ****ING TIME (bike bay on the left)...this Commodore behind was literally so close I could of moved my leg back and kick their headlights with my feet.
    Normally I would turn right (still in my lane) and reverse into the bay, but luckily this time, I stopped infront of the bike bay and let him pass, pulled right and reversed in.
    I was so lucky I let him pass, because this prick, he didnt even change lanes to overtake me, he just went straight pass me in the same lane and I nearly got clipped.
    And, as I was thinking back, if I didnt let him pass and if I pulled right and reversed in, the idiot would of hit me.

    /end rant :mad:

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  3. good plan
  4. Yup, I'd just pull over to the left, out of the idiots ways, and wait till a gap in the traffic and then park.

    Sorry hun, nothing new.
  5. That's normal. I find it better to pull up on the right and then swing in.

    Though occasionally you will get a knob stop a foot from your tyre. I usually just get off the bike and go up to them and them that I am parking and move back.
  6. car drivers do it to other car drivers too; welcome to the bad-mannered streets of our big cities
  7. That's not a near Miss.

    A near Miss is the bloody asian hooker I paid for on the weekend.

    And you're worried about a car up your arse, Sheez.
  8. Happens to me in my cage when im parking in my driveway.

    I have to reverse in to mine, with the car at stock height it scrapes going nose in, but not reversing in.

    Cars always up my ass blocking me reversing into the driveway, its the impatient society we live in now days.

    If i stop in the middle of the road, with my left indicator on WELL in advance, generally im going backwards, just like a reverse park which is what we are taught to do. You see the same thing happen with cars and reverse parking.
  9. Simple fix;

    Get a camera and mount it looking behind you. Guarantee no cage will come within 10km of the rear wheel of your bike :D
  10. bwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahha!

    you're now living in my signature
  11. I was riding to work this morning, leaving a good gap between the car in front as I expect people in adjacent lanes to merge in front of me without signalling (happens at least once a day)... anyway, some yuppie in his souped up Mini with red P's was tailgating me and I could see him verbally abusing me... =D>

    What do you do....
  12. Pull over and bash him,or put up with it.
    Or have a whinge about it.
  13. sorry that wasnt a real question

    it was more like a rhetorical one...

    as in *sigh* what do yo u do...

    thats the things ridermen have to put up with
  14. You haven a second whinge about it now ?
  15. The OP didn't have a near miss mate. He's having a vent... probably not the same kind of "vent" the asian hooker had. LMAO! ;)
  16. You are not as wide as a car, dont expect cars to swing way around you allowing you room to steer right then back up. You'll have to wait for a gap in the stream of traffic. You might not like them doing it, but it happens. So adapt your technique.
  17. I go out of my way to fuck car drivers off when doing this ( within reason and if safe ).

    Parking on the left? I slow down in the middle of the lane, completely stop, then slowly move to the right then reverse backwards into the spot. screw em. if I was a car they'd have to wait and couldn't get by so they can experience this from me on a bike too.

    it's like the vespa i occasionally ride, you get no respect from other road users....nothing wrong with demanding a little
  18. Or from motorcyclists, i bet 8-[

    /sorry, couldn't resist
  19. But the reverse process is so much more satisfying - making a cage wait while you start her up, carefully secure any luggage, tie up helmet, zip up jacket, put gloves on - it can take minutes for all of this and boy does it p*** them off.
  20. welcome to the forums, sinleyFZ1