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What's with all this freaking oil???

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by KLR Nirvana, May 12, 2011.

  1. Was it my imagination or was the Exxon Valdez out on the road this morning? I couldn't believe how much oil was on the road today - seriously.

    This morning in the rain I was literally able to follow the oil trail of some numbskull who was dropping oil or diesel wherever they went. There was a gigantic spill all over FTG Rd, just west of Stud Rd, and then the oil trail went along FTG in the left lane, up Wheelers Hill, left onto Jells Rd (left lane again) then right onto Wellington Rd.

    Not just the odd patch here and there - a trail of massive splodges which thickened wherever they had slowed down, e.g. at the lights.

    Very frustrating because it's so dangerous, and the culprit is blissfully unaware of what they are doing.

    OK, rant over - feeling better now!

  2. I noticed exactly the same thing. Going into the city from the start of Albert St, Kingsbury, which then becomes Station street: patches of oil in the centre of both lanes every few metres. Oil patches continued then along Heidelberg Road and Queens Parade. Finally turned on to Alexander Parade only to be confronted with a massive oil slick that took up the entire lane and went for 7-10 metres. Luckily the next lane was free so I could get around it but Jesus, if your car or truck pisses out that much oil get it off the road.

    I stick to the tyre tracks and avoid all the little patches, but the rider in front of me seemed happy enough to just ride straight over them.
  3. Lol.

    I remember hearing somewhere about the "good old days" - before tow truck call-outs were centrally coordinated - when tow truck operators would pour oil all over a busy intersection and then park nearby, sit back and wait for the mayhem to ensue, so they could be "first on the scene",

    Makes you wonder ....

  4. Thursday's payday for a lot of people, so a lot of vehicles get filled up to the brim. Might have something to do with it.
  5. it was the same between Box Hill and Eltham, I thought the heavy rain yesterday would have cleared it. Makes me nervous
  6. we get the same thing up here in darwin, you go for months without rain, so the fuel/oil basically soaks into the road, once decent down pour of rain, it all floats the the road surface and hilarity ensues
  7. I noticed FTG Road was pretty bad yesterday and onto Princess Hwy up to Warrigal road. Patches here and there, but more than usual.
  8. In Brissie, I reckon the old bloke who changes the oil on the council buses gets rheumatism in his fingers, because as winter approaches, the number of busses that dump their guts all over the road goes through the roof. Happens every farggen year at about this time.
  9. :LOL:
  10. Noticed it too, although I'm pretty new to 2 wheeled commuting so didn't know if it was the norm for this sort of weather or not :D
  11. You're just round the corner from me PoJo777. It is not normally this bad. Better tonight but the last couple of days have been rideeeeeculous.


  12. This is something ive noticed in comparison to commuting back in the uk, there is a lot more oil/petrol/diesel on your roads in my experience.

    ive always put it down to a couple of things-
    the fact there isnt a annual rwc like the MOT and the average spazzy motorist wont notice an oil leak unless its streaming directly into their cornea.
    And the amount of spanners that insist on overfilling their tanks and it leaking from the overflow.

    but i could be wrong...
  13. Wed morning was horrid - arrived at work soaked from my hands up to my elbows, you could've raised goldfish in my gloves....
  14. Poorly maintained cars getting pulled out of the garage because its getting cold and wet?
  15. think a bit of it is a can of something tipping over in the back of a trailer. get paint trails from time to time. seem to remember one up chum creek a while back.