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Whats with all the violence?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kurtis_Strange, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. I'm starting to wonder where I'm living these days :shock:

    Bouncer shot last night, another taxi driver bashed....21 murders since New Years :?

    by 2010 we'll have Judge Dredd patrolling the streets the way we're goin

    I think I need to go back to watchin no TV, the news is too depressing :roll:
  2. If we were meant to be watching the news, why do we have The Simpsons? :?
  3. If you want I can loan you a shit load of j-pop and k-pop. Plastic music with lyrics you can't understand does excellent things for your mood.
  4. I'm not sure you should be trying to alter your mood with anything other than proven medications.
  5. as it goes my mood is pretty good, but I'm a bit down on the way the world seems to be going...

    soon after dark joe public will become a reclusive type figure going from dwelling to car to venue and back as it'll be 'too dangerous to walk the streets'

    or we'll have no go zones
  6. Some taxi drivers do deserve a beating, I had my father (yes I was young) pull me out of a taxi after the driver was trying to rip me off.
    Guy told me that he was gonna fire bomb my house if I didn't pay him the $97 from melbourne to cranbourne.... For those who dont know, the average fare for that trip 7 years ago was max $60 bucks!

    Most bouncers deserve a beating every now and then too, however having to put up with what they do, i'd probably be like them too!!

    But yes, there does seem to be lots of murders going on. :-(
  7. Speaking of bouncers, i heard that onea the best bass players in the world was beaten to death by the bouncer at his own show coz he didnt believe him, it is a sad sad world.....
  8. If he was one *of* the best bass players in the world, surely there'll be a name togo along with the title...
  9. What stanley clark was beaten to death ?
  10. hell, i didnt pay attension to detail i just was told that by some music dude, sue me.
  11. And it'll keep getting sadder untill people are taught from an early age to respect others like themselves.
  12. An item of common courtesy in a forum... don't repost idle vagaries and rumours and people won't consider you a dumb phuq...
  13. Hmmm ok note to lawyer , sue this B@!tard , then send the boys round ,
    ahhhh sensless violence , I feel much better now

    :cool: :cool:
  14. now I really want to know who it was??? Anyone help?
  15. I thought it was just us "old farts" who thought things were better when we were young?

    I think the world is going down the toilet at times... dunno if it is or just that the so-called journalists think it's what we want to hear-read about, so that's mostly what we see...

    the world is more crowded and people more stressed?

    I do believe that we are being condituioned into it always being someone elses fault. Just follow our Prime Ministers example, or any of our senior executive types.

    A little compasion for others, respect for their point of view etc would go a long way, and maybe more good news and less violence reporting in the media might help.

  16. Dog eat dog now, gotta meet those new KPI's , gotta get that new fandgled thing, and don't worry about who's head you step on , on the way up that tree. You sick and broke , well die, why should us with money pay for you , get a job ya bas%^rd .

    Hey you, don't have a perfect figure, well your scum too , and if you don't have the latest whatsit for the thingymabob, well you deserve to get bashed I mean.

    But lets just blame TV and video games
    :grin: :grin:
  17. Violence & sex sells.. so what sells is what we get
    but yeh, I dont think anyone would argue that we
    as a society is less violent compared to yesteryear
  18. Different kind of violence, give someone a good , kicking or smack them out, didn't seem to be as much of this stabbing and shooting as there seems today, but hey that could be a result of more of it being reported as "News" than it used to be
  19. Bass players, they are a dime a dozen
  20. Strange, these days smacking your kid gets you in trouble for child abuse...

    Kill someone with a car... naughty boy/girl lose your licence for a few months.