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What's up your jacket?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by offtrack, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. I have a general rule, that I wont put anything up my jacket, that will kill me, in a crash.:)

    Sometimes I bend the rule.:D

    I'll start off, with three bottles of wine.

    Today, I carried a dinner plate which I had taken to work last time I drove.

    7kg of Coffee (Vacuum sealed) on another occasion, which was a little uncomfortable!

    I carry my lunch sometimes, which usually digs nicely into my ribs.:(

    So, what is the stupidest / most bizarre thing you have had to carry under your jacket?

  2. I've "heard" of a guy who carried a 2m long copper pipe under his arm while riding. He hit the brakes, the pipe slid out from under his arm, one end of the pipe hit the road in front of him, bounced back and speared him thru the throat. Killed him.

    Its a story I heard ages ago (so may not even be factual) but enough of a mental image to stop me from ever carrying anything I shouldn't.

    For all the crap you described above, you should just get a back-pack and put it in there! A bottle of wine under your jacket could make a real mess is you landed on it! Waste of a good wine as well.
  3. A back protector...
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  4. I agree. These are times when I have been caught out without a back pack.

    Wine was literally only around the corner, on the way home, but yes, still very stupid!;)

  5. I don't think I'd have room for that as well. :whistle:
  6. A Pomeranian
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  7. No-one likes a skite, you know :LOL:
  8. Spare a thought for some of us who don't have much wriggle room under the front of their jackets. :(

    But I've carried milk, drinks, some books, potato cakes (that was not comfortable). Last year I carried the toys that I had bought for the Toy Run.
  9. Maybe he has a hunchback?
  10. All you posters above.... you really need to buy some panniers and a top box!
  11. When I first started riding it was in the middle of winter and I thought it would be a great idea to ride with a hot water bottle stuffed inside my jacket. Didnt stay hot for long and that idea only lasted a short while. Nice while it actually stayed hot though.

  12. Potato cakes go cold too quickly in a top box though....
  13. There's a joke there...maybe not...got milk?
  14. I was thinking more along the lines of shirt potatoes
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  15. I carried a new pair of shoes in their box...

    jacket didn't really zip up around it, so had to sandwich it between my chest and the tank in the last few hundred metres...

    (not my finest hour) but was stuck
  16. Newspapers are good. They keep the wind out.

    I've brought home a 4 litre bottle of car wash under the jacket, and a hand bag (as a birthday present).
  17. Cause then you can really carry some weird siht. Like a 45km trip home from Bunnings with 60kgs of fertilizer on the BMW.
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  18. Takeaway thai, a six pack and a couple of DVDs. I was nervous about the massaman curry, though.
  19. Mobile phone and swiss army knife. In case I get thrown off into a bush and trapped. Can call for help and cut off bits to escape, hopefully the bushes bits not mine.
  20. I went shopping on my lunch break the other week and bought four shirts. Had no bag with me. All tucked into my jacket for the ride home. Looked like I had breasts. (I mean bigger breasts)