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Whats up with cages backing over my bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MystDmeanr, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    As the title says whats with them? ](*,)

    its the second time in 2 months, at the same place.

    I know they saw me park and get off my bike, they were loading items into the boot, i even give them a nod as they looked at me :shock:

    I went in the shops for 5mins and then crunch :( , i said to my self "hope its not my ..." before i could finish, they looked at me and said is this your bike?.

    I said hell yea, what did you do to it?

    Oh i didnt see it sorry mate

    In the end we came to an arangement and went on our way.

    Now i dnt even wanna leave it parked on the streets no more.
  2. :( damn what damage done ?
  3. hmmm, what were they loading into the back of the car, I wonder?
  4. The 1st time they broke my rhs flairing and rear brake/foot bracket.

    Then i resprayed it and got eveything how i like it. (the bike was off for 2 weeks while doin this).

    This time it was only slight damage to the paint, which i could respray with the left over paint i have.
  5. Yeah has happened to me too, outside a bike shop.. I didn;t crack it at white van man too much tho (hey he's still walking right) cos i was sorta half parked in a loading zone in the front of the shop (just started riding, and was only planning on going in and out). But yeah the guy had to have seen the bike as he drove past before backing up. What a tool. Only did bout 50 bucks damage, broken indicator lens and bent handlebar, just took it as a lesson to be real careful where i leave it...
  6. Where is this place where ZZR's get crushed?

    I wish to park mine there as an insurance job :LOL:
  7. Yeah, that's what happens when you park a bike in a car spot. Happened to me up in Bacchus Marsh, I popped into the chemist to drop something off, was in there for all of 30 seconds before some mediterranean moron backed over my mint VT250C, bending the sidestand and scratching all the paint up.

    He then proceeded to hide behind language difficulties and fobbed me off to his son on the phone, who told me he had a mate who would fix the sidestand.

    fcuk off! Re-bending a sidestand seemed like a stupid idea to me, I wanted the $150 it cost me to replace the thing. Never got it, the prick kept saying "no eeeeenglish, no eeeEEEeeeenglish" on the phone. I bet if it was Tattslotto on the phone he would have found himself speaking in tongues.

    Either way, the Hornet always gets parked up on the footpath where it's safe. And knowing the stupidity of car drivers, that's usually behind a large pole or pillar.
  8. That sucks Loz. That's where an insurance company works wonders. Bike gets picked up, bike gets taken to repairer, gets a respray, stand, and you get your excess back when Mr Noenglish has his court date.

  9. Yeah mate shoulda coulda woulda...

    Not to worry. One good mildly racist rant years later a la the above and it's allllll ok. ;)
  10. Was it his phone you were on?
    Shoulda just pocket'd it and left.. Shouting Only Eeeenglish, OOOONLY EEEENGLIIIISH.
  11. I truly pity all non-victorian riders. Parking on the footpath is up there amongst one of the best things about owning a bike.
  12. I realise this does'nt help you much, but for what it is worth. I always park my bike well out of the way of cars etc, never, but never behind em. I would rather walk 100 meters or more & be confident my bike is in an out of the way, safe position.
    The time it takes to walk the extra distance is minimal, second even, unwanted damage could put your bike out of action for weeks if not months & cost you $ 1000's & I mean $ 1000's
  13. As shit as it is, at least they didn't drive off like nothing happened, leaving you to flip the bill for all the damage.
  14. You let it go? Sheesh.
    Got his details? Deal with it
    He didnt give em too you? Get him charged.
  15. Stealth Kat got backed over by the neighbour. He didnt see it. Stealth works. :(

    And my VF was backed over by a staff member at La trobe Uni. It was parked ON THE FOOTPATH. and UNDER THE BUILDING. about 2 metres from the road. SHe hit it hard enough to jam it under the car and then dragged it 30 metres down the road as she did a runner.

  16. Hahahaha I love the adventures of Stealth Kat.

    The VF is pretty unbelievable huh? Sounds like somebody did it on purpose.
  17. Nah Just a triumph of cager incompetence.
    I soooo got her tho. It was amazing. Blew her chances for promotion out the window. :)
    Of course she is probably still out there driving a Pajero or something.
  18. That's scary. If they can manage to do that to something as relatively large as a bike what hope have pedestrians (especially young kiddies) got. Wonder if it was a case of them having the auto in the wrong position before jamming their foot onto the accelerator (seen that happen before).
  19. t was a station wagon. I think a commodore. An early one.. it was a long time ago. It had pretty good visibility out the back . And the bike was up a curb and back a decent way. And she had to get up the curb too.

    The bike cop I talked too said he didnt want her to have a licence :)