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What's up doc?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Flatbush, May 1, 2012.

  1. I've just registered on this site and obviously this is the place to introduce myself.

    At about the age of 4 I walked into my uncle Leons garage and found his motorcycles; I was transfixed. Even though they were stationary, they looked
    capable of a thousand miles per hour to my childish brain. I was hooked.

    When an art teacher at my high school decided to create a Motorcycle Club (within the school) the decision to join was a "no brainer". I became a founding member of what was probably the first motorcycle club to be sanctioned by a state high school. That was 1969 if my memory serves me correctly.

    Apart from the bikes I blagged and a 2 wheeled machine made out of water pipe, wheel barrow wheels and a lawn mower engine, I have owned/own the following machines:

    CZ/Jawa 380cc MX.
    Moriwaki 836cc K2 Honda 750/4.
    1100 Suzuki Katana (ex AS8).
    Honda F400/4.
    2x drum braked XT 250s.
    Yam YZF750SP (ex AS8).
    Kwaka KLX650C.
    Suzuki DRZ400E Motard.
    Honda XR650R.
    Kwaka 05 ZX10.

    There was also a Grand Prix J model Yam TZ250 engined International Superkart... not a motorcycle I know; definitely a motorcycle engine though. my competitors protests claimed it was putting out more than 90 HP but I reckon they were overestimating... and it was never proved!

    Being an independent soul, since day one the only person to lay a spanner on my motorcycles is me. The exception is tyre fitters and whilst "Despatch Riding" I trusted my KLX to a skilled Frenchman working for Brighton Kawasaki. Merci beaucoup d'un rem├Ęde rapide.

    I admire honesty and the ability to say "I don't know".
    I dislike politics and I guess I am at times politicly incorrect.

    You see, the obvious is often overlooked. For example, it is a widely held belief that lampooning minority groups is politicly incorrect... However, what is really politicly incorrect is lampooning majority groups.

    Uncle Leon circa 1960:

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  2. Nice post - I like your style.

    Welcome to NR.
  3. Welcome. Nice list of bikes good introduction and great photo...
  4. Thank you men.

    There is a very high probability that the photo was taken in the Kinglake National Park. Outlook drive to be precise. The family built a weekend shack on that site. It was razed on Black Saturday.

    Coincidently I attended the Tuesday Night Ride about 4 hours ago and rode within 400 metres of where you see the Harley outfit.
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  5. certainly do love that photo ...it's as one would say "the bee's knee's" -one day i'll get a sidecart.....One day!

    Welcome to NR flatbush, i'm sure you'll be a valued member of our community
  6. The same man with more weight, less hair, and his missus (Aunty Evelyn) a few years later.

    This time blasting through the countryside astride the mighty Norton.

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  7. Epic. Welcome, it's good to see some motorcycling pedigree.
  8. Welcome to NR and glad to have you on board. (y)

    My Dad had a Jawa as well back in the day!

    Plus what Chef said. :)
  9. Thanks for the warm welcomes; good to be here.

    Do you know if your dads bike was 2 or 4 stroke?...MX, road or a slider... Jawa is still
    the definitive speedway bike.
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  10. To be honest, Even he might not remember. That was a looog time ago (back in India) even before I was born. But it might have been a 2-stroke 250 cc or something. After that he bought a Yezdi. I might get some details from him next time I talk to him.
  11. Welcome to the NutHouse Flatbush 8-[
  12. G'day Mate lol......Man you have been around bikes a long time, many a fast bike too :) it was good to meet you today ........all good fun.

    Cheers B
  13. You're no slouch either. I remember following you one day towards Valhalla, the Gixxer Thou you were riding was lent over so far it was nearly horizontal, if the bends weren't banked the the rear vision mirrors would have been scraping.:shock:
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  14. Hi Flatbush and welcome to NR.

    Nice list of bikes and nice pics too. Jeez I don't think I have seen a Jawa for many a decade. And always had a spot spot in my heart for a Katana
  15. Great engine in the 1100 and 1000 Katanas. They were an up graded GSX1100. GSX1100S was the designation. Bulk stomp was the order of the day.

    Nothin' like a nice big well balanced roller bearing crank power plant milling around under ya either... Nirvana enginified. Dont make em like that any more. Too much Cost.
  16. Where abouts in beigetoria are ya mate?

    Given that list of bikes, I suspect you're pretty handy with a spanner, yeh?

    Anyway, welcome. Sometimes things can get a bit willing on the boards, but it's just a bit of cut and thrust. :)
  17. Didn't get to say Howdy the last Saturday (Read in the post above). Would've loved to have a chat with you.

    May be next time.
  18. Thanks Kit and ZX9A6 for the welcome and coffee. You're a great couple; take care of each other munchkins :)


    Glad to hear your Dad survived the Jawa. Like a bad tempered horse, mine tried to kill me. It was part of my Karma though; if it was a horse I probably would have been in trouble with the RSPCA for the way I treated it.


    Thanks for the kind words. Where am I in Victoria... Lurking in your roof cavity :wink:
  19. Good, can you fix the central heating unit while you are there? :)

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
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  20. My pleasure Rob, my rates are very reasonable.