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whats this switch do?? fzr

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by eb six on boost, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. hi, just a quick question regarding a left handgrip switch on my fzr250.
    sorry i dont have a digital camera, so i will have to discribe its location.
    its a red/orange coloured switch that feels like a switch that only works when its held down, its not a on/off feel to it.
    located on the left handgrip, on the front, inside between clutch lever.
    its the first bike ive ever owned so i guess its the same thing for most bikes, it appears not to do anything when held (even with lights on).
    hope someone can help me out.

  2. maybe a clutch position sensor? one that means your bike (in original condition - with original clutch lever) would only start when the clutch is held in????
  3. It's not the passing indicator is it? You know, to flash vehicle in front when pulling out to overtake?
  4. no its not a switch that needs to be held in to start or is activated by a moving clutch leaver.
    there is a rocker switch on the same hand grip that dips the high beam.
    is that the same switch as the one your saying for passing???
    what ever it is for its not working. would like to fix it if its broken for when i go for my p plates.

    do most bikes have same switch locations....well most yammys anyway??
    might go check out some bike shops
  5. i would agree.

    you have a rocker switch to switch between low and high beams. but you also have a trigger switch which you hold down and it flashes the high beam. used as a warning or for a quick look in the bright light while riding. this switch is as you have described and where you described. operated by your pointer finger.

    would suggest you have a look at this. start your bike, have your lights on ( if they do not turn on automatically)... looking at your lights, hold the orange button down and hte lights should flick to high beam.
  6. If its an older bike, it may be your original on/off switch for the lights, the lights would now be hard wired to the ignition and the switch de-activated.
  7. Correct, pull it in and your high-beam lights (and dash light for high-beams) will come in whilst the swicth is pulled in.
  8. thanks to everyone for the help.
    looks like i need a new switch as it doesnt do jack.
    will pull the bar apart today and have a sticky beak.

    thanks again fellas
  9. hey guys, ive pulled the handle apart, and found 2 wires broken away from things and just floating in handle.
    i soldered the yellow wire from the high beam dip switch to the flasher switch and bingo, flashers work :)
    the switch feels alittle dirty so ive sprayed it with some wd40 to clean contacts.
    it seems the more i push the switch the more it works.
    might work say 90 out of 100 pushes.

    does anyone know where the other wire goes?? its green in colour and is part of the factory loom. i cant see any thing it should be soldered to, even if its just an earth.....

  10. It's more than likely part of the original light switch that will now be redundant since being wired to come on with the ignition. If it needs to be earthed, then something won't be working, I'd leave as is.
  11. thanks champ.

    ive just pulled all the tape off the loom to find it was part of the std headlight loom.
    the wiring to both headlights has been changed so i guess the front got smashed up once upon a time.
    all sorted now, ive cut the wire out too.

    thanks for the advice guys :)
  12. Glad all is sweet eb :)