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What's this on the back of my boot?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Masakali, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. What is the purpose of this thing that sticks out on the back of my boot and can I shave it down so that I can fit my leathers over my boots? Ta.


  2. Ever seen those movies where someone gets converted into a fictional character?

    Tim Allen into Santa clause?
    Geoff Goldblum into the Fly?
    The Rock into the Tooth Fairy?

    You sir, are turning into Flash Gordon.

    Tomorrow those boots will turn brass.
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  3. Marc Marquez used that to make him go faster. It's more aerodynamic.

    Alternatively, it appears to be like a slide knobbly thing in the unfortunate event if you ever fall off and go for a slide. They're the two theories I have. The former seems more realistic.
  4. He saved every one of us!
  5. Looks like a spoiler that disrupts dangerous build up of vortexes behind your middle upper calf at higher suburban speeds, usually when boots are worn over jeans. You are so lucky you have it...only top end boots and rivers thongs have this technology...
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  6. Nah thats bullshit. I saw this pair of steel capped safety crocs the other day that had an upper rear strap harness deflector shaped just like that.
  7. Leathers go inside don't they?
  8. bmw aerial
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  9. You're thinking of rubbers.
  10. Sheesh, it's the 'twat fin'. Anyone who notices it, or questions its existence, is a complete twat. :D
  11. Ok jokes aside... the fin is there so you can ride really fast in deep water.
  12. It's an idiot magnet.
  13. Part of the replaceable heel slider fastening would be my guess.
  14. It seems to be working
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  15. Manufacturing defect
  16. It's a spur meant to maim other cocks in a cock fight.
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  17. LMAO I was looking at these boots a few weeks ago...

    I stared puzzled at that thing and said to myself "Wank" and put the boot back on the shelf.
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  18. They are the handles.
  19. Its for these situations that could happen at any time. The guy behind you grabs something he shouldn't, so you dig it into his shin. Should be one on the back of the helmet too.
  20. Maybe they are designed for a plane crash. Something to grip as you are kissing your arse goodbuy.