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Whats this lame soccer movie with Stallone

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by wang chung, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. lol.. i been catching glimpses of it as im playing computer games

    world cup warm up eh?

    It must be to get all the aussies pumped up.
    Nothing beats stallone i guess ( besides Van Damme )

  2. My thoughts exactly :cool:
  3. i thought you were a Segal sack rider?
  4. eh i watched timecop and universal soldier on the weekend and i realised how cool Van damme is.

    Plus segal walks funny :?
  5. Whats so lame about Victory? I remember it being damn cool and it has Pele in it. *thumbs up* http://imdb.com/title/tt0083284/ and it scores fairly good and has good reviews there :p
  6. Sorry, i just cant take stallone seriously..
  7. Heh, know what you mean. I was asking the question seriously btw, not miffed that you don't like the movie. Woke up at 2am due to pain in my arm deciding that it want's to see the world cup result of brazil vs australia. hehe, sitting in bed on laptop typing quietly so I don't wake my gf hoping I get tired soon and doze back off to sleep.

    Oh yeah, also can't sleep as I find out if I can pick up my bike on Tuesday sometime today. I'm quite excited about that! I might have to get that movie and watch it again. As I said, I really enjoyed it all those years ago, but I was young, dumb and full of.. kid energy :LOL:
  8. why not? he has such wity dialouge in his films... who can really forget that classic rocky 4 right after he with is insightful cold war retoric and shear bad acting whipped dolf lungren ass in boxing. :LOL: